WRESTLING REVIEW: Elimination Chamber 13 #spEarz2DaStreetz

By | February 22, 2023

The hunt to dethrone Charlotte Flair in The Wood hit a crescendo in Canada with the thirteenth Elimination Chamber. Amazingly it was Nattie “Natalya” Neidhart’s unlucky night in Hart Dungeon territory as she began the whipping post for every competitor from the start. Liv Morgan and Raquel Gonzalez got the best shots at Natalya bouncing her off the chain-link like a basketball and stomping her practically through the floor.

It felt great to see Natalya’s typically shoehorned opportunity be thrown back in her face so roughly. Same with Liv Morgan who ended up tapping out with both Asuka and Natalya putting their best submissions on the crazy blue devil until she passed out. Nikki Cross was the most underrated of the competitors, and even though she was the most animated in her pod, a dive of the top was not enough to keep her from flying under the radar into obscurity for the remainder of her losing effort in this year’s Chamber.

Carmella was the MVP, running around in a money green thong, bringing back her Superkick on Asuka and providing the biggest energy of all her competition from the pod into the Chamber.
All that juju wasn’t enough for Asuka though, who even though Raquel looked like she would be enough a challenge with her size – shoulder-blocking and dragging her opponents down with her as she clumsily climbed up the ring posts – and Carmella, evolved into a clear favorite, just could not fade Kana. Asuka was invincible – barely breaking a sweat and taking all her opponents had to give to her, including Carmella’s best; which after raising her leg, punched Asuka’s ticket to LAX for a date with Flair.

Though it would have been something to see the former Laker cheerleader return home on pro-wrestling’s biggest stage, Joshi wrestling had one of WWE’s biggest stars jump ship. So Asuka makes sense. WWE Creative better not make this ‘Mania match another triple threat …

Score : 3/5

Date: February 18, 2023
Location: Centre Bell
City: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Venue: Bell Centre
Promotion: WWE
Brand(s): Raw; SmackDown