By | October 22, 2020

The Kickstarted Graphic Novel Adapting True Tales of Deployment Will Premier in Comic Shops on November 25; Available For Direct Order Now!

Z2’s diverse 20/21 publishing slate continues to be revealed with projects from today’s biggest names in entertainment. Today, the publisher announces that that the ambitious project pairing members of the US military with the biggest names in comics to share real war stories told by those who lived them will be available for Local Comic Shop Day. This unique project, assembled by the multiple-Eisner nominated writer/editor, Alex de Campi and co-edited by Iraq War veteran Khai Kumbaar is an entertaining and moving work of graphic nonfiction previously only available through Kickstarter.

“TRUE WAR STORIES is incredibly important to me personally, and I’m so proud of the absolutely top-tier work my collaborators have done in these stories” says Alex de Campi. “What makes it really perfect for Local. Comic Shop Day is that not only is it great for hardcore comics fans, but also such an easy book to hand-sell to casual browsers. TRUE WAR STORIES is perfect for the military veteran or “dad who loves nonfiction” or the friend who doesn’t really read many comics. And a big, chunky self-contained 250-page reads that look really nice gift-wrapped for the holidays, just saying.”

Khai Kumbaar continues “To me, TRUE WAR STORIES is a book about making connections. There’s the obvious connection between civilians who get an inside look at real military life and the connection between servicemembers who see themselves reflected in the stories, but there’s also a connection to the medium of comics itself. I think TWS (and books like it) can be an invitation to those who maybe thought comics weren’t for people like them. We saw a bunch of non-traditional comics readers back our Kickstarter. It’ll be fun to see what happens when they wander into their friendly local comic shops looking for more.”

Vietcong sappers attack a fuel point, only to be foiled by an unusual alert guard dog. An MP guards convoys of mystery bombs in the Thai jungle in 1968. A young Airman copes with post-9/11 paranoia in Okinawa. A Marine sniper in Haiti faces the repercussions of the shot he never took. A team of SEALs help rescue a kidnapped girl in the Philippines. Army interpreters in Iraq battle their toughest foe: the rats of Saddam’s palace. A soldier on a late-night run surprises a motorpool saboteur. A young cavalry lieutenant, fresh off the Battle of Kamdesh, meets the Marine half-brother he’s never known. A Navy ship reacts to an unexpected man overboard. And if you’ve ever wondered what Christmas was like in a war zone, you’re about to find out.

Artists include Peter Krause, Ryan Howe, Skylar Patridge (drawing her own father’s Vietnam story), Eoin Marron, Tish Doolin (a former Army medic), Dave Acosta, A. D’Amico, Drew Moss, Josh Hood, PJ Holden, Chris Peterson, Sam Hart, Jeff McComsey, and Paul Williams. Colors are by Dee Cunniffe, Matt Soffe, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Tarsis Cruz, and Aladdin Collar. All lettering is done by de Campi herself.

True War Stories is a 260-page full color graphic novel anthology containing fifteen true tales of American service members overseas. Nearly every branch of the military is represented in this collection of stories that are heartwarming, heroic, harrowing, and even at times, hilarious, spanning the globe.

Z2 is the first publisher to announce their offering for this year’s event, and will make these available exclusively for stores to order directly from the publisher under the following terms:

  • Direct orders to be packed and shipped by Z2’s fulfillment center at a 50% discount. Retailers may order any of Z2’s existing backlist titles at this same discount at the time of their order.
  • Orders will be shipped on consignment with payment for all books sold due 90 days from their ship date to give retailers flexibility to take advantage of holiday sales beyond the event.
  • Retailers will be responsible for shipping costs to and from their stores, which will be billed upon receipt of saleable goods back from stores.
True War Stories will be published by Z2 Comics in conjunction with Local Comic Shop Day, with all profits from this $19.99 retail release  donated to military-related charities chosen by our contributors as personally meaningful to them: Objective Zero Foundation, Air Force Assistance Fund, the USO, Armed Services Arts Partnership, and Special Operations Warrior Foundation.