Babylon’s Fall E3 2021 Trailer Shows New Gameplay

By | June 13, 2021

Babylon's Fall

Square Enix and Platinum Games revealed a brand new trailer for their upcoming cooperative action game Babylon’s Fall. It also announced that anyone interested may sign up for the closed beta right now.

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The new three-minute gameplay trailer of Babylon’s Fall shows off its stylish combat, which includes various kinds of weapons like hammers, swords, bows, and spears, as well as magic. It also puts its cooperative play in the forefront, as up to four players can play together. We also get a good look at the game’s unique art style and fantasy setting. According to Square Enix, the visuals use a newly developed “brushwork style” that is influenced by medieval oil painting.

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A developer interview for Babylon’s Fall was also released. It features interviews from the game’s development team, including Director Kenji Saito, and gives some insight on what the team is attempting to achieve.

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If you liked what you saw of Babylon’s Fall, you can sign up for the closed beta right now by going to the game’s official website. You will need a Square Enix account and internet access to participate in the beta.

According to Square Enix, there will be a series of closed beta tests for Babylon’s Fall as the game approaches its launch. These tests will be held over three phases, with each one with a different goal in mind. The results garnered from the closed betas will help improve Babylon’s Fall during its development. For this test period, the closed beta is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

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