Box Office Results: Cocaine Bear & Jesus Revolution Soar, Ant-Man Shrinks

By | February 26, 2023

In a tale of contradictions, Elizabeth Banks’ B-movie slaughterhouse Cocaine Bear and the Lionsgate feature Jesus Revolution surpassed expectations.

Cocaine Bear collected $23.09 million, while Jesus Revolution picked up $15.5 million in their debut weeks at the domestic box office, per Deadline. That was enough for second and third-place finishes, though neither was able to unseat last week’s champ, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, from its perch.

The Marvel sequel remained atop the crowd but took a massive 69.6% tumble in its sophomore frame, the worst for an MCU title. The sequel collected $32.2 million in Week 2, bringing its running domestic total to $167.2 million. Worldwide, Ant-Man has earned $363.6 million. Will it collect enough to top Ant-Man ($519M) or Ant-Man and the Wasp ($622M)? Time will tell. 

This week sees the release of Michael B. Jordan’s latest entry in the Rocky franchise, Creed III. Except, this time he’s doing it without Sylvester Stallone, which should make for an interesting subplot heading into the weekend. Reviews are strong out of the gate, as are initial projections (somewhere between $28M and $35M). This is a big test for Jordan, let’s see if he has what it takes to knock out expectations.

Box Office Results: Domestic Top 10

  1. Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania (Dis) 4,345 theaters, Fri $8.3M (-82%) Sat $14.6M Sun $9.3M 3-day $32.2M (-70%) Total $167.3M/Wk 2
  2. Cocaine Bear (Uni) 3,534 theaters, Fri $8.65M, Sat $8.8M Sun $5.5M 3-day $23.09M/Wk 1
  3. Jesus Revolution (LG) 2,475 theaters, Fri $6.95M (includes $3.3M previews) Sat $4.7M Sun $3.8M 3-day $15.5M/Wk 1
  4. Avatar: The Way of Water (Dis) 2,495 theaters (-180), Fri $1.1M (-19%) Sat $2.3M Sun $1.3M 3-day $4.7M (-28%) Total $665.3M /Wk 11
  5. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (Uni) 2,840 theaters (-172), Fri $900K (-26%) Sat $1.95M Sun $1.27M 3-day $4.1M (-23%) Total $173.4M/Wk 10
  6. Magic Mike’s Last Dance (WB) 2,918 (-116) theaters,Fri $905K (-46%) Sat $1.23M Sun $865K 3-day $3M (-45%) Total $23.2M/Wk 3
  7. Knock at the Cabin (Uni) 2,115 (-486) theaters, Fri $520K (-49%) Sat $870K Sun $480K 3-day $1.87M (-53%) Total $33.9M /Wk 4
  8. 80 for Brady (Par) 2,397 (-722) theaters, Fri $480K (-52%) Sat $820K Sun $530K 3-day $1.83M (-51%)/Total $36.4M/Wk 4
  9. Missing (Sony) 1,006 (-510) theaters, Fri $263K Sat $485K Sun $262K 3 day $1M (-41%) Total $31.4M/Wk 6
  10. A Man Called Otto (Sony) 1,118 (-607) theaters, Fri $217K Sat $391K Sun $242K 3-day $850K (-47%) Total $62.2M/Wk 9