James Gunn Clarifies DCU Superman and Batman Age Rumors

By | February 19, 2023

Not much is known about the upcoming Batman and Superman projects that James Gunn will be introducing into the DC Universe. In a recent conversation on social media, however, Gunn did clarify how old these superheroes might be.

In a thread on Twitter, Gunn was asked how old the Batman that will appear in DC Studios’ film will be. Gunn responded that no actor has been cast, therefore there is no age for the character as of yet. Later in the conversation, Gunn responded to a fan citing Superman’s age, saying that all he ever said was that Superman would be “younger than in his forties” when the new film comes out and that “Batman might be a couple years older than Superman.”

Gunn also clarified in a tweet later in the thread that he “never” said that Superman would be a 25-year-old, but that it keeps getting reported that he did. He didn’t offer up any concrete answers on what fans can expect, though, so fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out exactly who the next Superman and Batman will be.

At the end of January, Gunn unveiled some of the upcoming DC Universe schedule, with two of the standout projects being a brand new Superman project titled Superman: Legacy, which will be written by Gunn, and a Batman film based on the iconic Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic book run by Grant Morrison, which will feature a new Batman, as well as introduce the DC Universe to Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s son.