My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission Box Office Impresses Despite COVID Regulations

By | August 10, 2021

My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes Mission is off to a great start in Japanese theaters. Oricon News (via Crunchyroll) is reporting that the film’s box office returns are much higher than any other in the franchise’s history.

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According to the data, the box office takings for the new film based on the highly popular manga and anime series are up over 200% from the previous film in the franchise, My Hero Academia The Movie Heroes: Rising. Over the first four days of the film’s release, the movie made more than 940 million yen ($8.52 million USD) on just 720,000 tickets sold. In comparison, Heroes: Rising made 1.79 billion yen ($15.1 million USD) in its entire run.

On its first day of release, World Heroes Mission earned 310 million yen ($2.8 million USD) at the Japanese box office, showing that even though Japan continues to deal with its own influx of COVID-19 cases, fans of the series are still very excited to see more from the franchise.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is the third film from the popular anime series and those previous films have seen plenty of success. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the first film, released in 2018, grossed $5.7 million at the United States box office. The second film, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising premiered in the U.S. in 2020, and earned approximately $2.5 million on opening day.

My Hero Academia began as a manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2014. The anime television adaptation made its debut in 2016. Both are still ongoing.

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My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission debuted in Japan theaters on August 6, 2021. A North American date has yet to be revealed.