Santastein Trailer Previews Christmas Horror Movie

By | December 18, 2022

The official Santastein trailer for Imaginex Movies’ upcoming Christmas horror film has been released. The film currently still has no release date attached to it.

The video features a young man trying to redeem himself from the mistake he made when he was a kid, which involves accidentally killing Santa. As he brings Santa back to life, he discovers that Santa has now become a mindless monster.

Santastein is written and directed by Benjamin Edelman and Manuel Camilion. The film stars Anwar Nass as Santastein, Jared Korotkin, Corrine Batsides, Lindsey Simon, Santi Massa, Heather Fisch, and Karim Ismail.

“Max Causey (Jared Korotkin) was only six years old when he accidentally burned Santa to a crisp on Christmas Eve,” reads the synopsis. “12 years later, Max attempts to raise Santa from the dead in order to fix his past mistakes and restore the Christmas spirit. But he soon realizes that the creature he has created is a bloodthirsty killer – and it’s headed straight for his friend’s Christmas party!”

The film is produced by Vasisth Sukul, Natalie Veater, Fernanda Lamuño, and Leonardo Pereira.