Song Kang’s My Demon Episode 5 Photos Tease Kim Yoo-Jung Battling Against Own Family

By | December 7, 2023

Popular K-drama My Demon is all set to air a brand-new episode 5 on Friday, December 8, 2023, at 10 p.m. KST on SBS and Netflix. The series follows the story of a chaebol heiress, Do Do-Hee (Kim Yoo-Jung), who falls in love with the demon Jung Gu-Won (Song Kang). After the latter loses his powers, the duo enters into a contract marriage, albeit for their own reasons. The drama has been gaining significant popularity among viewers because of its storyline.

Recently, SBS released brand-new photos of the cast members in the upcoming My Demon Episode 5. Do Do-Hee engages in a fierce battle against her adoptive family and seeks the help of the demon Jung Gu-Won. If the photos are anything to go by, viewers can expect some tense moments as the family decides who will take over the management as CEO after Madam Ju’s (Kim Hae-Sook) death. Moreover, Do-Hee is also on the lookout for Madam Ju’s murderer.

Kim Yoo-Jung seeks Song Kang’s help to fight her family in new My Demon Episode 5 posters

Episode 5 of My Demon is set to document significant tension between Do-Hee and her adoptive family. In the previous episodes, viewers found out that an unknown person within the family had murdered Madam Ju. Do-Hee was devastated as Madam Ju, her adoptive mother, was the only person she was close to in the family. Moreover, by making a will, Madam Ju ensured that Do-Hee received all her shares.

Do-Hee knows that someone in the family has killed Madam Ju. She seeks Gu-Won’s help by proposing marriage, but he denies it. The photos for Episode 5 continue to showcase tension between the two as the demon doesn’t change his mind. Moreover, Do-Hee’s adoptive family does everything in their power to ensure she doesn’t take the CEO’s position.

In the photos, the family looks seated for a board meeting to decide who becomes the acting chairman after Madam Ju’s death. Although she has Joo Seok-Hun’s (Lee Sang-Yi) support, it is still not enough to make Do-Hee the chairperson. The family holds many secrets and can work their way out so the eldest son Noh Seok-Min (Kim Tae-Hoon) takes Madam Ju’s place.

Do-Hee needs Gu-Won’s help to fight her family. In her will, Madam Ju had mentioned that Do-Hee needs to get married within a year if she wants to take over the company. But with Gu-Won not agreeing to the proposal, Do-Hee will look for other prospective suitors, making the demon jealous. Viewers will have to wait and see if he ends up falling for her.

Don’t forget to tune in to My Demon Episode 5 on Friday, December 8, 2023, at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. The drama is also available to stream on Netflix.