Oni Press Announces Rick and Morty: The Manga Vol. 1 – Get in the Robot, Morty!

Oni Press – in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and Adult Swim – is proud to announce a new Rick and Morty™ graphic novel, Rick and Morty: The Manga Vol. 1 – Get in the Robot, Morty!, arriving in stores on November 1, 2023! Continuing Oni’s long-running series of comic book adventures for pop culture’s favorite duo, this… Read More »


Image Comics is proud to announce the first comic work by noted 16th Century Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch, whose 1482 surrealist masterwork The Last Judgment will be featured as an incentive jam cover with regular series artist Jok. An infernal adventure about three condemned kids who rescued a kidnapped angel and start an epic trek across the netherworld to return… Read More »

Bramble: The Mountain King’s Dark Themes Make it Stand Out

Depressing fantasy worlds are nothing new, yet Bramble: The Mountain King surprised me with its dark Nordic folklore. Instead of sanitizing these fairy tales like a classic Disney film, Dimfrost Studio openly embraces its most disturbing elements, presenting a twisted world brimming with atmosphere. Calling this grim adventure a horror game isn’t quite right, though… Read More »

Ransomware crooks are exploiting IBM file exchange bug with a 9.8 severity

reader comments 6 with Share this story Threat actors are exploiting a critical vulnerability in an IBM file-exchange application in hacks that install ransomware on servers, security researchers have warned. The IBM Aspera Faspex is a centralized file-exchange application that large organizations use to transfer large files or large volumes of files at very high… Read More »

Al chats with the Fugitive Poems Team – Comic Crusaders Podcast #315

Hang out with Al Mega as he chats with return guests, and creative duo, Christian De Matteo and James Lines as they chat about the latest kickstarter project, the journey, the comeuppance and more…. [embedded content] Support the project at: @FugitivePoems (Twitter and IG) @CDMetc (Twitter) @jamlines2112 (Twitter) YouTube: Fugitive Poems Continue Reading Source

Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Widow Is Getting a Final New MCU Skin

Crystal Dynamics is already giving away every existing skin in Marvel’s Avengers when the last substantial patch goes live on March 31. However, it is also adding one more new costume to the pile: Black Widow’s getup from the 2012 Avengers film. “Let me put you on hold.”? Black Widow’s Outfit inspired by ‘Marvel Studios’… Read More »