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Doing DNS and DHCP for your LAN the old way—the way that works

Enlarge / All shall tremble before your fully functional forward and reverse lookups! Aurich Lawson | Getty Images reader comments 22 Here’s a short summary of the next 7,000-ish words for folks who hate the thing recipe sites do where the authors babble about their personal lives for pages and pages before getting to the… Read More »

SSH protects the world’s most sensitive networks. It just got a lot weaker

Enlarge / Terrapin is coming for your data. Aurich Lawson | Getty Images reader comments 65 Sometime around the start of 1995, an unknown person planted a password sniffer on the network backbone of Finland’s Helsinki University of Technology (now known as Aalto University). Once in place, this piece of dedicated hardware surreptitiously inhaled thousands… Read More »

A song of hype and fire: The 10 biggest AI stories of 2023

Getty Images | Benj Edwards reader comments 0 “Here, There, and Everywhere” isn’t just a Beatles song. It’s also a phrase that recalls the spread of generative AI into the tech industry during 2023. Whether you think AI is just a fad or the dawn of a new tech revolution, it’s been impossible to deny… Read More »

Just about every Windows and Linux device vulnerable to new LogoFAIL firmware attack

Getty Images reader comments 152 Hundreds of Windows and Linux computer models from virtually all hardware makers are vulnerable to a new attack that executes malicious firmware early in the boot-up sequence, a feat that allows infections that are nearly impossible to detect or remove using current defense mechanisms. The attack—dubbed LogoFAIL by the researchers… Read More »

From toy to tool: DALL-E 3 is a wake-up call for visual artists—and the rest of us

Enlarge / A composite of three DALL-E 3 AI art generations: an oil painting of Hercules fighting a shark, a photo of the queen of the universe, and a marketing photo of “Marshmallow Menace” cereal. DALL-E 3 / Benj Edwards reader comments 133 with In October, OpenAI launched its newest AI image generator—DALL-E 3—into wide… Read More »

In a first, cryptographic keys protecting SSH connections stolen in new attack

Getty Images reader comments 71 with For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that a large portion of cryptographic keys used to protect data in computer-to-server SSH traffic are vulnerable to complete compromise when naturally occurring computational errors occur while the connection is being established. Underscoring the importance of their discovery, the researchers used their… Read More »

The Signal Protocol used by 1+ billion people is getting a post-quantum makeover

Aurich Lawson | Getty Images reader comments 53 with The Signal Foundation, maker of the Signal Protocol that encrypts messages sent by more than a billion people, has rolled out an update designed to prepare for a very real prospect that’s never far from the thoughts of just about every security engineer on the planet:… Read More »

Barracuda thought it drove 0-day hackers out of customers’ networks. It was wrong.

reader comments 31 with In late May, researchers drove out a team of China state hackers who over the previous seven months had exploited a critical vulnerability that gave them backdoors into the networks of a who’s who of sensitive organizations. Barracuda, the security vendor whose Email Security Gateway was being exploited, had deployed a… Read More »

Windows feature that resets system clocks based on random data is wreaking havoc

reader comments 129 with A few months ago, an engineer in a data center in Norway encountered some perplexing errors that caused a Windows server to suddenly reset its system clock to 55 days in the future. The engineer relied on the server to maintain a routing table that tracked cell phone numbers in real… Read More »

Next-gen OSDP was supposed to make it harder to break in to secure facilities. It failed.

Getty Images reader comments 27 with Researchers have discovered a suite of vulnerabilities that largely break a next-generation protocol that was designed to prevent the hacking of access control systems used at secure facilities on US military bases and buildings belonging to federal, state, and local governments and private organizations. The next-generation mechanism, known as… Read More »