Mythic Deck Tech: Izzet Phoenix (56% Winrate): Part 2

By | June 23, 2021


Ready to see why I picked the cards I did for this Mythic rank deck? Well, let’s go!

Young Pyromancer 2x:

The importance of continuous pressure is so high I like a couple of Young Pyromancers to smooth out hands I would otherwise have to mulligan. It’s not nearly as good as the birds but can either swarm unprepared opponents or hold back swarms until you can stabilize.

Prismari Command 1x:

I like this card for a lot of reasons, and its ability to deal some extra damage is the least of it. The looting effect is solid redundancy for when you don’t draw Faithless. The treasure effect can help you get to three spells cast when you’re light on mana. And the destroy artifact effect can clear away something like Grafdigger’s Cage.

Finale of Promise x3:

People don’t run nearly enough of these. The card is nuts and often wins games when you draw multiples. Cast it for three, reuse Faithless Looting and Opt/Brainstorm, and hit them while having a refueled hand. What’s nice about it is how discarding cards to Faithless becomes less stressful, as you can always use them later.

Blitz of The Thunder Raptor x1:

Narset is one of the hardest counters for this deck. BOTTR solves that problem. This card handles every planeswalker and nearly every massive wall your opponent might care to use. Doing this twice with a Finale of Promise is usually enough to push through to a win. If you are building a sideboard for this deck, add one or two. Most opponents don’t even know to expect it, even at Mythic level.

Chart of Course x1:

The main danger of this deck is running out of steam and having an empty hand. This card works to discard in a pinch or refresh your flurry of spells after an attack. You could swap this for a counter spell or a Lightning Ax if you feel you must, but I’ve found this an excellent inclusion.

Final Thoughts:

I’m so happy this deck is possible in the meta. It’s fast, it leads to interesting gameplay, and it’s not weak to a lot of meta decks. It can take a lot of practice to think with all the shuffle and timing tricks this deck can use to get ahead, but it’s worthwhile to learn to become better at Magic overall. The only bad matchup is Collected Company Angel decks, and it’s still possible to push past their early game plan.

If you’ve been eying this deck, or just considering if it’s worth crafting Brainstorm and Faithless to try it, I highly recommend Izzet Phoenix. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to get to Mythic with it.


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