Pixar Popcorn: An Absolute Delight

By | February 12, 2021

Pixar Popcorn Is Just Some Simple Animated Fun

When reviewing Pixar Popcorn, I had to jump around with the series. This is because I’ve not seen either Soul or the newest Toy Story—and I did not want spoilers. So, instead, I focused on some Incredibles shorts, the Coco short, and the Dory one.

Pixar Popcorn

Pixar Popcorn May Contain Some Minor Spoilers

And this will be a short review because there’s not a lot to say about these. Each is about two minutes, give or take, and—I’m betting for budget or time reasons—it has no actually voiced characters. There’s just “reaction sounds” that could have easily been taken from an existing movie. This is likely different for some Toy Story shorts, as they probably got Key and Peele to do their thing, but I don’t think Ellen or Tim Allen were involved. And that’s fine. I’m not complaining. Because one, the stories are not complicated, and two, they do all of their storytelling without words, anyway.

Pixar Popcorn

The Strength Of The Animation Carries The Fun

And, also, these manage to be very endearing and cute. Each is full of hijinks, sometimes with a little story to them. The one with Dory happily finding stuff on the ocean floor is my current favorite. If you ever find yourself with some minutes to burn, or a younger child to entertain, these are delightful distractions full of wonderfully skilled animation. I hope Pixar makes more of these between their main releases.

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