The Best Artifact/Land Cards In Phyrexia: All Will Be One

By | February 10, 2023

Our Journey Through Phyrexia Is Almost Complete

It’s been a long journey getting here. We’ve looked at many Phyrexia cards and seen a few themes arise and the potential for new and exciting decks. Now, all that’s left is to round things out by looking at the artifacts and lands—but only the ones with unique abilities. The multicolored lands are great, go in many decks, and aren’t interesting to talk about.

We’re keeping our focus narrow on this last stretch.

So, let’s go!

Argentum Masticore

Masticore cards have a long history, and as far as I’m aware, only the first one saw any play. But this version is a lot of fun. It hits hard and kills things. Is it good enough to see play outside of very specific circumstances? Probably not—but I’m still hopeful.

Dune Mover

This card seems innocuous, but it does enough things to be useful in something like Pauper. Making sure you hit your land drops without losing much tempo is always good.

Monument to Perfection

This is a Commander card. It’s like Field of the Dead in certain ways. If your deck already has a mana base that satisfies the requirement, why not use it? It hits really hard and can take out a player.

Soulless Jailer

Many people hate this kind of card, but I always find it fun and necessary to have stuff like it around in a format, just in case. It also blocks well.

Sword of Forge and Frontier

Not even close to the best of the swords, but I still like it. Protection sometimes ruins your opponent’s plans, and ramp and pseudo card draw are a nice pair of abilities. I also like the artwork.

The Filigree Sylex

It’s almost strictly better than Ratchet Bomb! Plus, you can win a game outright if you’ve amassed enough oil counters for that last ability.

Zenith Chronicler

A Commander card through and through. Play this early, and you (and everyone else) will draw so many cards throughout a game. I like group hug cards like this a lot, and I expect this to see a ton of play. It’s also not awful in Brawl.


The mana aspects of this card are interesting—I don’t know of any other land that’s better the first turn you play it—but it’s a cheap source of mites, and that’s what matters. Aggro and control decks can use that ability to great effect.

The Monumental Facade

Some cards are much better if they have instant access to oil counters, and this land allows for some fun tricks and combos. If one of the oil cards turns out to be exceptionally good, this land becomes a powerhouse.

The Seedcore

I like this land mainly for its flexibility; it lets you cast a wide range of creatures and can turn mites into bigger threats. I think it’ll be better in Limited formats, but I could see its inclusion in certain Constructed aggro builds.

We did it! This is the last article in our extensive look at Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Thank you so much for checking out this series! I hope you’re as excited about Phyrexia as I am.

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