The Best Blue Cards In Phyrexia: All Will Be One

By | February 2, 2023

Let Us Again Return To Phyrexia For More Horrors

And we’re back! On a Thursday, no less! I said this was a special event, didn’t I? Next week, starting Monday, we’ll be going over the remaining colors (and more) one article at a time, basically until the release of Phyrexia: All Will Be One. And since we’re doing WUBRG order for this, our next stop is the blue cards.

Let’s begin!

Experimental Augury

I love that proliferate is attached to so many cards as extra flavor. I love it because it allows various strategies, including focusing on growing creatures, setting up the more powerful oil cards, or passively killing someone with poison to flourish. The card selection is also fine enough that it’s hard to mind casting it by itself in a pinch.

Jace, the Perfected Mind

Wow, four-mana Jace cards aren’t what they used to be. Phyrexia can’t top the Mind Sculptor. Still, this one has its uses. It draws you cards, slows down attacks, and can win a game if unchallenged. Proliferate being around helps make this card a lot better—especially because most players are going to pick the three-mana mode.

Mercurial Spelldancer

It’s a tempo creature with lots of little upsides. You can chip in for damage every turn and maybe double up a burn or poison spell. It’s nothing fancy, but Mono-Blue Tempo taught me to fear cards like this long ago.

Minor Misstep

Modern and Legacy love/hate this card, and it’ll likely see play in every format. Having a hard answer to other people’s brutal opening moves is really good.

Prologue to Phyresis

This card is part of a control deck I want to see. Simply “cycle” it on your opponent’s end step, then use proliferate to eventually kill them.

Reject Imperfection

Go read what I had to say about Experimental Augury again. I like that almost every new Magic set seems to have a three-mana counterspell with some gimmick attached.

Unctus, Grand Metatect

I’m honestly not sure how to use this card, but I’m excited to see what people come up with. It’s a ton of interesting abilities stabled onto a creature with a decent enough stat line. You can chew through a lot of your library if you plan for it, and it might be the backbone of some weird artifact aggro strategy.

And that’s the mono-blue cards! Of the core five, it’s probably the weakest color in Phyrexia: All Will Be One. Most of the interesting things are just utility stuff and proliferate enablers—but that’s still fun. Pulling off tricks at instant speed will never not appeal to me.

Next up, and next week, we’ll look at the mono-black cards, including some seriously cool reprints.

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