The Best Green Cards In Phyrexia: All Will Be One

By | February 8, 2023

We Have Yet To View The Full Horrors Of Phyrexia

Like I said in the red Phyrexia: All Will Be One article, green got a worrying amount of powerful new cards. And most aren’t even high-mana-cost bombs. They’re just strong mid-range/aggro options with good abilities and reasonable mana costs. There’s nothing like a Questing Beast here, but it’s still scary.

So, let’s go into this wild new section and see what monsters Phyrexia has crawling around its landscape.

Armored Scrapgorger

This card is so good I’m kind of mad about it. It ramps you (for any color), exiles something out of the opponent’s graveyard, and then eventually turns into a decent attacker. All for two mana?! Yeah, run four. This is an instant staple.

Bloated Contaminator

Good stats, good abilities, good everything. Even by itself, it basically has toxic 2, and it gets so much better if there’s something else to use the proliferate on. It even has trample—thus making that ability almost guaranteed to happen early game. This can go in some new Selesnya deck, Golgari deck, or even a Simic deck with no trouble. Why the heck is this only three mana!


This should’ve been a 2/2, but it can also apparently do some damage. Those three abilities are all useful; the card even works in sacrifice decks if they want to splash for green.

Evolved Spinoderm

I kind of love this card. You want to keep proliferating so it stays alive, but deciding when to do that—and toggling between the two abilities as you do—is such a fun decision point. This is a great design. It’s also an enormous monster that’ll kill your opponent, especially in multiples.

Evolving Adaptive

This is Experiment One again. You can’t convince me that wasn’t the idea. Experiment One was a good card that saw play—and so will this. It’s also a warrior, which occasionally matters.

Nissa, Ascended Animist

I almost don’t care about the ultimate. A flexible Planeswalker that keeps pumping out (ideally) bigger and bigger horrors is good by itself. This card can also destroy multiple artifacts in its lifetime, which matters a lot considering we just had The Brothers’ War.

Thirsting Roots

One mana to proliferate or get a land? What!? Like, that’s not overpowered, but it baffles me they made this card without a third ability and a higher mana cost. This card will be great in Commander/Brawl.

Thrun, Breaker of Silence

Maybe this card is outclassed by Evolved Spinoderm for 1v1 play, but it has so many useful abilities maybe Brawl wants it. I wish it had reach, though.

Tyrranax Rex

Seven is the highest mana cost most decks will go in 1v1, and this might be the top-end finisher of some decks’ curve. It’s hard enough to stop with ward and uncounterable that you’ll likely get a hit in—and that hit will probably win you the game either directly or indirectly.

Unnatural Restoration

I like Regrowth as much as the next player, and this will do very similar things, but it also has proliferate. I can see this going in several decks.

Venerated Rotpriest

Oh my god, toxic is going to take over! Please don’t let Phyrexia: All Will Be One go the way of Eldraine or Ikoria. My advice is to play four in any green deck that cares about poison in the slightest. 10 out of 10.

And those are the best green cards in Phyrexia: All Will Be One. I’m afraid of/excited to see the poison aggro deck(s) that will spring up with this many toxic and proliferate options.

This was also the last of the mono-colored articles. Bringing us to the best-multicolored cards in Phyrexia: All Will Be One. And it’s not a short list for this set. We’ve got Planeswalkers, strong aggro options, and interesting curveballs to explore. So come back tomorrow!

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