Trailer Review: Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

By | December 14, 2022

Almost Time For The Awaited Spider-Verse Sequel

When you watch as many things as I do and go out of your way to analyze them, you find a lot of flaws. Even stuff people normally like have landed with a flat nothing for me. Maybe I’m jaded or simply know too much about plot structure. But the upside is when I find something transcendentally good, the experience is all the better. Sometimes, it can make my entire week.

Sometimes, only sometimes, you watch a masterpiece.

And though I’ve found a few others since then, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse still sits in my mind. The animation style is so dynamic and memorable. Its writing’s almost always sharp. The “What’s Up Danger” scene is possibly my favorite scene in any movie. Yes, some aspects don’t hold up to scrutiny, and it’s a little overly complicated, but it’s still a stunning piece of art.


Animation In The New Spider-Verse Looks So Cool

And now, five years later, we get a sequel. A sequel that, in one trailer (that doesn’t even use entirely new footage), promised another incredible story. Some sequels reset their characters or neglect respecting arcs from the first, rehashing because they can, but this is a direct continuation. Gwen and Miles seem to be getting their romance or maybe a deeper friendship (I’m happy with either, honestly). The emotional maturity of the parental interactions is still intact and seems to have new layers—there’s clearly a charged scene preceding the mom’s speech.

They even seem to want to further explore the theme of being a Spider-Person. And doing so by not holding back even a smidge on the multi-dimensional premise. I have no idea how they could possibly make another sequel after this movie. The limits of this plotline are already being tested from the few clips we get.

Barring something extreme happening, Across the Spider-Verse is getting a review. The team behind this movie has already proven themselves. June 2023 cannot come soon enough.

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