Andy Reid celebrated Chiefs’ Super Bowl 57 win with pizza (and a salad) ‘to make my chubbiness feel good’

By | February 14, 2023

Slice as nice.

Andy Reid captured his second Super Bowl ring in four years, showcasing his Hall of Fame coaching chops as the Chiefs rallied to beat the Eagles 38-35 on Sunday.

How did he celebrate?

As any person would… by stuffing his face with the gooey goodness of a Kansas City-style pizza.

The 64-year old coach made the trek to Heart of America fixture Pizza 51 once the Chiefs returned home ahead of their Super Bowl parade. His topping of choice? Mushrooms and sausage. That’s a meal fit for a king.

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That wasn’t all for the Chiefs taskmaster, though. Reid needed something to cut through the richness of his steaming hot pie. What better choice than a refreshing side of salad?

“Just to make my chubbiness feel good,” Reid said with a smile.

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As with all of us, good food lingers in Reid’s palette like leaves on the autumn soil. He certainly knows his stuff on the topic: Reid has a barbecue special named after him at local spot Q39, one that consists of burnt ends, macaroni and cheese and onion straws.

He also has provided a steady stream of famous food-isms, including such classics as:

“I love how the team works together like I love a big piece of prime rib.”

“I like prime rib and I’d love to win a Super Bowl. So I’m hungry for both, if you understand where I’m coming from.”

Not only does food captivate his senses. It also takes hold of his playbook.

Case in point: “Corn Dog Shuttle”, the bewildering misdirection play that came up clutch for Kansas City not once, but twice, vs. Philadelphia.

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Peep the play call here:

All of that is to say, Reid certainly knows his way around a kitchen. Here’s hoping he’ll get a chance to sip on some champagne at the parade, too. He certainly deserves it.