Deion Sanders net worth: How much money has Prime Time made from NFL, MLB, coaching careers?

By | December 17, 2022

Deion Sanders has had a unique sports career.

He spent 14 years in the NFL as a cornerback. During that time, he also spent parts of nine seasons in MLB as an outfielder. And since his playing career came to a close, he’s found success as a coach.

Sanders was one of the NFL’s all-time best cornerbacks, earning eight Pro Bowl, six All-Pro selections, winning a pair of Super Bowl rings and eventually earning a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Though he wasn’t at that same level in baseball, he still had an impressive career, racking up 186 stolen bases in 641 games and posting a slash line of .263/.319/.392. While in the big leagues, he appeared in the 1992 World Series with Atlanta, making him the first and only player to appear in the World Series and Super Bowl.

As a coach, Sanders lifted Jackson State to new heights in his three years at the helm, and he’s now set to move to Colorado to guide the Buffaloes as their next head coach.

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Sanders’ unique career has helped him earn a sizable amount of money in his career. What is his net worth? Here’s a look.

How much money does Deion Sanders make?

Sanders is in the middle of a four-year, $1.4 million contract he signed with Jackson State, per Sports Illustrated.

However, since Sanders is leaving early, he will owe a bit of money to Jackson State, according to the Mississippi Clarion Ledger. He will have to pay the university $300,000 to buy out his deal, which expires on Dec. 15, 2024.

But that’s not all. He will also have to pay half the remaining salary on his deal since he is leaving for a different job, as long as Ashley Robinson remains the university’s athletic director, per the Clarion Ledger.

Deion Sanders Colorado contract

Sanders will have more than enough money to cover his buyout at Jackson State with his new deal in Boulder.

The new Colorado head coach signed a five-year, $29.5 million contract to become the new head coach of the Buffaloes. Colorado doesn’t have all the money needed to pay out the deal, but athletic director Rick George said the program is not concerned about that aspect of the contract.

In his first year, Sanders will make $5.5 million, and he’ll add $200,000 to his annual earnings each year of the deal. The deal is comprised of $500,000 as a base salary with $1.75 million for media appearances, $1.75 million for fundraising and $1.5 million for student-athlete development.

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He will have massive buyouts though if he leaves. He would need to pay $15 million to Colorado if he leaves after Year 1, $10 million after the second season, $8 million after the third or $5 million after the fourth or fifth years.

But, if Colorado decides to part ways with him, they would have to pay him 75 percent of his remaining salary if he’s let go before the end of his contract.

Deion Sanders NFL and MLB earnings

Before he was a coach, Sanders was a standout athlete in two respective sports and he earned plenty of money from both.

According to Spotrac, here’s a breakdown of his earnings by year in the NFL:

  • 1989: $2,450,000
  • 1990: $550,000
  • 1991: $650,000
  • 1992: $1,912,666
  • 1993: $1,987,666
  • 1994: $1,134,000
  • 1995: $178,000
  • 1996: $492,000
  • 1997: $335,000
  • 1998: $5,878,999
  • 1999: $6,500,000
  • 2000: $8,500,000
  • 2004: $1,500,000
  • 2005: $1,500,000

All that adds up to a total of $33,568,331 in his NFL career. Not a bad earning.

He also made a decent amount of money in MLB. Here’s a look at his earnings, per The Baseball Cube.

  • 1989: $62,500
  • 1990: $100,000
  • 1991: $660,000
  • 1992: $600,000
  • 1993: $3,166,667
  • 1994: $3,632,513
  • 1995: $3,666,667
  • 1997: $1,200,000
  • 2001: $200,000

That collectively adds $13,288,347 to his athletic earnings.

Deion Sanders net worth

Between his on-field performances, his coaching history and his various endorsements, Sanders has a career net worth of $45 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Over Sanders’ career, he has also earned money from endorsements that included Nike, Pepsi, Sega, Burger King, American Express and Pizza Hut, per Celebrity Net Worth.