Drivers eye cam: Why NASCAR blurred dash of new angle featured during Daytona 500, angering viewers

By | February 19, 2023

Fox’s broadcast of NASCAR’s Daytona 500 Sunday rolled out the “driver’s eye” camera, the ostensible replacement to the helmet camera.

The new angle is designed to give viewers a look at what the driver is seeing at eye level, rather than inches higher. However, some viewers were confused about why some parts of the camera were blurred out.

The answer, put simply, is to protect proprietary information for the drivers. Every team’s cockpit is going to look different, so the pixels are being used to protect the information being projected on the dashboard.

While it may look a tad strange, it is a good representation of what a driver is seeing on the track.

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Clint Bowyer confirmed the purpose of the blur.

Some NASCAR fans, however, took issue with the scope of the blur as an inelegant solution.

Bowyer did acknowledge it as a work in progress.

As with any new broadcast trick, it’s clearly a polarizing rollout. But NASCAR and Fox are likely beholden to their actual drivers, in some way. If they don’t want that information getting out, it stands to reason there’s a purpose behind the discretion.