Florida’s Keyontae Johnson collapsed on the floor and was taken off on a stretcher

By | December 12, 2020

Florida basketball’s star player Keyontae Johnson was taken off the court on a stretcher during Saturday’s game against Florida State.

Johnson had just finished a dunk with 16:23 remaining in the first half, and Florida State called a timeout.

The game then went to a commercial break. When the game returned from commercial, it was clear something wasn’t right, and the broadcast booth then announced that a player was down on the court.

Florida players were shown on screen, and they were visibly concerned. The game then took another commercial break.

When the game returned, the announcers broke the news of the information they had.

“We have a heartbreaking situation here, you see this Florida team in tears. Keyontae Johnson, when they were coming out of that last timeout, simply collapsed on the court. We don’t have any details other than that. They have taken him off of the court and both teams gathering around and trying to gain their wits right now because of the shocking development.”

Johnson, the preseason Player of the Year in the SEC, was seen by trainers in the facility on the court. After a few minutes, he was taken off on a stretcher. After a slight pause, the game resumed playing. According to two reports (Report 1, Report 2), Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton gave Florida coach Mike White the option of continuing to play. White chose to keep playing. 

The ESPN broadcast later said Johnson was taken to a local hospital in Tallahassee. Florida basketball’s communications official said Johnson is in “critical but stable condition.”

As people found out about what happened to Johnson, many sent their thoughts on social media.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.