How old is Drew Timme? Gonzaga star’s third March Madness turn a rarity in one-and-done age

By | March 23, 2023

Gonzaga is the most familiar face in the Sweet 16, getting past the first weekend for the eighth consecutive NCAA Tournament. That streak likely wouldn’t be alive without Drew Timme.

Timme has been a staple of Gonzaga’s March runs since the Bulldogs fell one win short of an undefeated season in 2021. A terrific offensive player, he’s earned his way to the top of the Bulldogs’ all-time scoring list and is a three-time consensus All-American. 

The forward and his handlebar mustache muscled Gonzaga past TCU in the second round, and his scoring ability will be critical against a tough UCLA defense in the Sweet 16. 

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Here’s what you need to know about Timme’s age as he leads Gonzaga on another March Madness run.

How old is Drew Timme?

Timme is 22 years old, born on Sept. 9, 2000.

While it feels like he’s been at Gonzaga for an extraordinarily long time, that might just be the result of how well he’s played over the years. Timme is in his senior season and has only played in three NCAA Tournaments, since the tournament was canceled during his first season. In fact, Timme has another year of eligibility (his “COVID year”) that he can use to return to Gonzaga.

Timme has been a consensus All-American in each of the last three seasons, morphing from a role player in 2019-20 into the offensive centerpiece that came one win away from an undefeated championship season in 2020-21. Timme has sustained the success ever since, averaging a career-high 21.1 points per game this season.

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While Timme has a wealth of experience by this point, he’s not actually too old compared to many of the other key players in the Sweet 16. The extra year of eligibility the NCAA granted to all players who played during the 2019-20 season that was interrupted by COVID-19 means many teams have fifth-year players on their roster this season. Timme is only a fourth-year player.

Gonzaga’s second-round game against TCU featured a handful of key Horned Frogs players who are older than Timme, including Chuck O’Bannon, who turned 24 earlier in March. 

Will Drew Timme play in the NBA?

Part of the reason for Timme’s long stretch of dominance at Gonzaga is his lack of NBA interest. There’s no reason to believe Timme would be completely ignored by NBA front offices, but he doesn’t project as a first-round pick and might be able to make more money at Gonzaga through name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals. 

Timme is a gifted offensive player at the college level, but concerns that he simply wouldn’t be able to keep up on the defensive end in the NBA have lowered his draft stock. Timme’s lack of athleticism limits his ability on that end of the floor, and his offensive profile might not be well-rounded enough given that he rarely shoots 3-pointers.

Sporting News’ Kyle Irving projects Timme as a second-round pick whenever he decides to declare for the NBA Draft. Timme will have to make that decision after this season. If not, he will be able to return for one more run with the Bulldogs.

Drew Timme stats

Season Games PPG RPG APG FG%
2019-20 33 9.0 5.4 1.3 61.8
2020-21 32 19.0 7.0 2.3 65.5
2021-22 32 18.4 6.8 2.8 58.6
2022-23 35 21.1 7.3 3.2 62.1
Total 132 17.1 6.6 2.4 62.0

Gonzaga is averaging as many points as it did last season and fewer points than it did in 2020-21, but that hasn’t stopped Timme’s numbers from improving.

Timme is averaging a career-best 21.1 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 3.2 assists per game this season, taking on a larger share of the offensive work for the Zags and shooting more efficiently than he did a season ago.

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Timme is Gonzaga’s all-time scoring leader and sits fifth in program history in rebounds. All that’s missing from his career with the Bulldogs is a national championship.

Timme came as close as possible in 2021 and has another chance this season, but it’s possible the chase for a title will be a factor in the decision about his future after the season.