How the Astros’ Dusty Baker celebrated his first World Series title as a manager

By | November 6, 2022

Sometimes, the nice guy finishes first.

The Astros captured the 2022 World Series in enthralling fashion Saturday night. Yordan Alvarez tore up Phillies starter Zack Wheeler’s gem with a towering three-run home run in the sixth inning of Game 6.

When the final out fell into right fielder Kyle Tucker’s glove three innings later, eyes darted to the Houston dugout. There, caught up in a storm of emotions, was Dusty Baker, the beloved manager who had fallen short of a World Series title as a skipper on two other occasions but was now a champion. His legacy as an all-time great had been cemented.

But there was still some unfinished business for the 73-year-old while the dugout was bedlam: filling out his scorecard. Because of course.

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The brief moment exemplified what Baker has brought to the game over the past half-century. The joy his staff showed him as they embraced him โ€” and it had sunk in that Baker was finally a championship manager โ€” was a testament to that.

Baker’s colleagues continued to shroud him in delight, even starting an impromptu chant to honor him.

The good vibes continued once Baker got to the podium for the trophy presentation. Nothing could wipe away his smile as he spoke to Fox Sports’ Kevin Burkhardt. Baker even let out a cathartic yell while speaking.

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Decked out in his signature arm bands and jet-black latex gloves, Baker was a bubble of positivity.

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“This is the greatest bunch of guys. They told me in spring training that they were going to win it,” Baker said. “Now, what’s next? Party!”

Baker did exactly what he said he would once he hit the locker room, popping a bottle of bubbly under the glow of plastic-coated strobe lights.

It was a celebration fit for a king, one that was decades in the making. And Baker made sure to make it as memorable as possible, clinging to each moment like they were family heirlooms.