Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley agree to fight again — on one condition

By | August 30, 2021

After their eight-round boxing match went the distance Sunday night, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley appeared to agree to a second bout — on one condition. 

While jawing with Paul and his older brother, Logan, during his postfight interview, Woodley immediately called for a rematch after Jake Paul was awarded a split-decision victory. Paul denied the request initially but opened up to it once Woodley committed to getting a tattoo that will read, “I love Jake Paul,” something they agreed upon in the buildup to the fight. 

“If you get the tattoo, ‘I love Jake Paul,’ let’s run it back,” Paul said. 

Woodley then countered, “Bet.”

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The two fighters shook hands in the middle of the ring while Logan Paul had a look of pure shock on his face. 

Woodley was supposed to receive the tattoo after the fight, though he later told the media he wanted to see paperwork for the rematch before getting it. (Paul later said he’d need photographic proof before he even thinks about running it back.) Regardless, this is quite the turnaround for the former UFC welterweight champion. 

Paul, who went the distance for the first time in his boxing career, won on the cards of judges Jaime Garayua (77-75) and Dana DePaolo (78-74) while Woodley won on the card of Phil Rogers (77-75). According to CompuBox, Paul landed 71 of 207 punches (34.3 percent) and 35 of 85 power punches (41 percent) while Woodley connected on 52 of 163 (32 percent) of his punches and 41 of 115 (35.7 percent) of his power shots. 

Woodley was cut from the UFC after losing four straight fights. Now his career may be marked (literally) by losing to a former full-time YouTuber and Disney Channel star in boxing. At least he appears to be in line to earn another big payday from it.