Stephen A. Smith used his cameo on The Game Awards to blister the Cowboys

By | December 11, 2020

The Cowboys are never safe from Stephen A. Smith, even when he’s not on the clock.

The fiery “First Take” commentator, who has a notable history of dragging America’s (oft-maligned) Team, took advantage of a unique situation Thursday to blindside Dallas with another stinging remark.

That opportunity came at The Game Awards, an annual awards ceremony established in 2014 that honors achievements in the video game industry. Smith, asked to present the award for “Best Esports Player,” was effusive in his praise of the genre as it kept going amid the COVID-19 pandemic. That he could use the platform to take a dig at the Cowboys only made it better:

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It’s hard to disagree with Smith’s take this year, even knowing he never misses an opportunity to call the Cowboys out. Dallas (3-9) is dead last in the horrible NFC East, partially because of the injury to quarterback Dak Prescott; but their woes go far beyond quarterback play, as the team has also lost several key contributors along the offensive line and features one of the worst defenses in the league.

So, yeah, another easy shot for Stephen A. To those wondering what a sports commentator is doing presenting video game awards: ESPN has invested a significant amount of money in esports in 2019 because of its popularity among athletes and video game enthusiasts alike.

And, to those interested in such things, “League of Legends” player ShowMaker — of DAMWON Gaming — won the award.