Urinals at Citizens Bank Park used to disrespect Astros before World Series Game 4 vs. Phillies

By | November 2, 2022

The Phillies are hoping to douse the Astros’ World Series chances. Their fans are taking that perhaps a bit too literally.

Prior to Game 4 on Wednesday, trading cards of Astros players were found sitting at the bottom of urinals at Citizens Bank Park, making them a prime target for, well, you know.

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Philly fans have not been particularly hospitable to rival sports teams during their team’s World Series run, and that extends to this latest showing.

It was reported that a pair of Philadelphia restaurants refused to serve the Astros, though that has since been debunked, with the restaurants saying that they just weren’t open at the time and one of them lacked the food requested by the team, per Billy Penn.

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Later, a fan flipped off the Astros’ team bus as it was arriving in Philadelphia for Game 3 on Monday, and Houston starter Justin Verlander made the gesture right back — though both sides later said the exchange was all in good fun. According to Fox News, when the bus returned on Tuesday for the rescheduled Game 3, the fan caught up with Verlander and the two talked and took photos together.

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Placing the baseball cards in the urinal is certainly a unique way to troll the Astros. But you certainly have to feel for whoever has to clean those out at the end of the night.