Warriors draft rumors: What will Golden State do with No. 2 pick in 2020 NBA Draft?

By | November 18, 2020

The Warriors’ front office lived off its 2012 second-round pick of Draymond Green for years, getting widespread credit for its scouting prowess and decision making.

But for a while after that selection, Golden State whiffed on supposed diamonds in the rough. Its all-time great dynasty minimized the importance of the draft, and the struggles of Damian Jones, Jacob Evans, Patrick McCaw and others flew under the radar.

Injuries to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson last year, and an ensuing 15-50 record mostly without them on the floor, made it clear the Warriors must fortify their future now to avoid a painful rebuild later. Nabbing Eric Paschall in the second round of the 2019 NBA Draft was a great start. But what happens in the 2020 NBA Draft Wednesday, when the Warriors have the No. 2 overall pick, will be the greatest determinant of what comes next for the franchise.

What will Timberwolves, Warriors do with their picks amid trade rumors?

There’s a wide range of possibilities for Golden State to pursue on Wednesday. It could choose someone from what’s viewed as a weak draft class — perhaps Anthony Edwards or LaMelo Ball — or it could trade its pick in a package for an established NBA player.

Below is a running tracker of Warriors rumors as Wednesday’s 2020 NBA Draft approaches:

Golden State Warriors draft rumors


10:15 p.m.: Assistant general manager Larry Harris said earlier this week that the amount of trade calls taking place is “heavier than I can ever remember in the past.”

10:11 p.m.: The Athletic also points out the Warriors could trade down in the draft rather than moving out of it entirely. Such a move would net less of a player return than it would have otherwise, but it would allow the team to insert a first-round rookie into the roster.

10:10 p.m.: The Athletic has floated the idea of Marc Gasol signing with the Warriors as a free agent if the team doesn’t draft a center.

10:00 p.m.: The San Francisco Chronicle’s mock draft has the Warriors taking Anthony Edwards from Georgia with the No. 2 pick. It has reported on several occasions that the team is leaning away from big man James Wiseman, who fits a positional hole but not be the style of player to fit in Golden State’s system.