What time is the Pat McAfee Show today? How to watch Aaron Rodgers’ weekly appearance on YouTube broadcast

By | February 28, 2023

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Pat McAfee has made quite the life for himself after walking away from the NFL in 2016. Appearing on WWE TV, “College GameDay” and other ventures have all stemmed from the success of McAfee himself as a show host and sports commentator.

“The Pat McAfee Show” has become a favorite program among fans, with the show airing weekdays, where they discuss all sorts of nonsense, football included. McAfee’s show has also become somewhat synonymous with Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers has made all sorts of headlines during his appearances on the program, covering everything from vaccination questions to recommendations for his book club. Now, with Rodgers’ future murky, you can potentially expect a decision on the next steps of his NFL career in the coming weeks, potentially on McAfee’s show.

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Here’s how to watch McAfee and Rodgers:

Pat McAfee Show time, live stream today

  • Start time: Noon ET
  • Live stream: YouTube

“The Pat McAfee Show” airs Monday through Friday, starting at noon ET and ending at 3 p.m. ET. McAfee talks all things sports and baseball, and has featured Aaron Rodgers on the show nearly every Tuesday since 2021.

Rodgers typically appears between the 1 p.m. ET hour.

“The Pat McAfee Show” has aired on a few different platforms and streaming services, including DAZN. 

Why is Aaron Rodgers on the Pat McAfee Show every week?

The Packers quarterback has been on the McAfee show just about every Tuesday since 2021. That year, he had a very plain reason why he joins McAfee: to control the narrative.

“It’s allowed me to silence all the d—bags who were talking for me, and making themselves more relevant by using my name, or running with stories that weren’t fact,” Rodgers said in 2021. “This was a natural, authentic way to have a conversation.”

McAfee and Rodgers have been good friends for a while. Rodgers detailed meeting McAfee for the first time at a charity golf event on a “Manningcast” appearance in 2022:

We had a late dropout, and my buddy A.J. Hawk said, ‘You should get Pat McAfee.’ So I reaached out to Pat, and Pat was actually on a stand-up comedy tour. He came off of the tour, joined our team, and I went to him — when he got there, I never met him. I introduced myself, I said, ‘Hey, when I introduce you tonight at the welcome dinner, would you mind doing a couple minutes of stand-up?’ He goes, ‘Nah, I’m not doing that.’ …

So, I’m introducing my team, ‘Hey, former punter, All-Pro, Pat McAfee’s here.’ And Pat walks up on stage, takes the mic out of my hands and does 10 minutes of stand-up, and I knew from that point forward we were gonna be good friends.

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Who are the members of the Pat McAfee Show cast?

In addition to former NFL punter Pat McAfee, there are a number of other producers, bookers and cast members of the “Pat McAfee Show,” some of whom have been friends with McAfee dating back to his high school days:

  • A.J. Hawk, former NFL linebacker;
  • Anthony “Tone Digz” DiGuilio, long-time friend; 
  • Nick “Frank” Maraldo, long-time friend;
  • Ty Schmit, former intern; 
  • “Boston” Connor Campbell, former intern;
  • Jose “Zito” Perez, former intern; 
  • Evan “Foxy” Fox, former intern;
  • Kyle “Gumpy” Cathcart, frequent caller to the show;
  • Bailey “Bill/Billy Tubes” McComas, son of former “The Pod” host;
  • Emmett “Mitt/Otter/Money Mett/Even” McMahon, producer and son of McAfee’s former special teams coordinator Tom McMahon;
  • Phil Mains, long-time friend;
  • Matthew “Bruce Brahn” Brown
  • Mike “Dirdy” Girdy II, graphic designer.