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Comic Crusaders Special – Al & Jeff chat with the creators of Sinphony

Hang out as Al Mega and fellow Crusader (and horror aficionado) Jeff Bracey chat with the creative team of The Clubhouse Horror Anthology, SINPHONY! Tune in to delve into the sick minds of these talented directors and their stories in this new horror anthology! [embedded content] About Sinphony: Conceived and curated entirely on the popular,… Read More »

Just Beyond: A Vastly Uneven Anthology Series

[embedded content] Just Beyond Seemed Like Such A Cool Show Idea Just Beyond seemed like a delightful prospect. More Goosebumps-style anthology stuff, and similarly focusing on being scary for kids? Yes, please.  Sadly, Just Beyond proved to be a little different from what I expected. The fact it was on Disney+ should’ve been the tip-off… Read More »