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Marvel’s Avengers Video Thanks Fans as Support for Game Ends

The final major update to Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers arrived this past week, unlocking hundreds of cosmetics as the game winds down its support. Taking to social media, the studio thanked fans for its support over the past two years. In a recent tweet sent out on the official Marvel’s Avengers account, Crystal Dynamics thanked… Read More »

Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Widow Is Getting a Final New MCU Skin

Crystal Dynamics is already giving away every existing skin in Marvel’s Avengers when the last substantial patch goes live on March 31. However, it is also adding one more new costume to the pile: Black Widow’s getup from the 2012 Avengers film. “Let me put you on hold.”? Black Widow’s Outfit inspired by ‘Marvel Studios’… Read More »

Iron Man’s Final Marvel’s Avengers Skin Gives Him War Machine Armor

Marvel’s Avengers is getting its final big update later this week on March 31, and Crystal Dynamics is giving players one last gift. Iron Man’s Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, which the team only just revealed, will be granted to anyone who has unlocked at least one trophy or achievement in the game before April… Read More »

Marvel’s Avengers’ Thor Loses Helmet in New MCU Skin Variant

Crystal Dynamics keeps trucking on with the trend of selling Marvel Cinematic Universe skins in Marvel’s Avengers sans the helmet. The studio is now selling a helmetless variant of Thor’s skin from the 2011 self-titled movie. [embedded content] This “unhelmed” variant made its way into the store on January 12 and costs 500 Credits (around… Read More »

Marvel’s Avengers: Free Kate Bishop Skin Available for Prime Members

Fans of Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers can gain free access to one of Kate Bishop’s older costumes, thanks to the latest collaboration between Square Enix and Amazon. The costume in question for the archer extraordinaire is available now for Amazon Prime subscribers. Alongside the special “Hawkingbird” costume, players will also get access to a new… Read More »