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Theta crash-lands on a tundra planet, and her odds of surviving are looking slim! Her only hope is to trek through the wilds to the nearest outpost. But the cold isn’t the only thing she has to worry about…as a Predator watches in the shadow, ready to strike! (W) Ed Brisson (A) Kev Walker (CA)… Read More »

Prey Trailer & Poster Teases Hulu Release for Predator Prequel

20th Century Studios has dropped the official trailer for Prey, the newest installment to the Predator franchise. The upcoming sci-fi action thriller will be available for streaming on August 5, exclusively on Hulu. The Prey trailer, which you can check out below along with the key art poster, begins with a young female hunter, who… Read More »


All-new PREDATOR stories from writer Ed Brisson and artist Kev Walker coming in July This July, the remorseless alien killer known as the Predator embarks on a new hunt! Marvel Comics is proud to bring readers thrilling new stories starring this lethal terror in a brand-new comic series. Written by Ed Brisson (Iron Fist, Ghost Rider)… Read More »

The 10 Coolest Native Americans in Film

The 10 Coolest Native Americans in Film ComingSoon.net has picked some of the coolest Native American characters in cinematic history. Check out our picks below! When you see a Native American character on the big screen, you make note of it. When it comes to representation in Hollywood, Native Americans have gotten the short end… Read More »

CS Collectibles: Sideshow Con, Predator & More!

CS Collectibles: Sideshow Con, Predator & More! Hello and welcome to the latest edition of CS Collectibles, ComingSoon.net’s newest weekly column that brings you the best in premium collectibles! Find out all the latest on statues, figures, posters, cards, eBay deals, Amazon deals & much more below! Sideshow This week Sideshow Con “New York” brought… Read More »