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PREVIEW: Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job #1

Dead End Kids: The Suburban Job #1 hits shelves on January 27, 2021! According to Diamond, the critically acclaimed title by writer Frank Gogol (No Heroine) and celebrated artist Nenad Cviticanin, has sold out of all covers including Cover A by Criss Madd (No Heroine), Cover B (1:5 incentive connecting cover) by Ryan Kincaid (Dark Knights: Death Metal), and Cover C (1:10 incentive cover) by Ben Templesmith (Fell)!… Read More »

Comic Crusaders Podcast: Garrett Gunn

Al Mega chats it up with the creator of several hit indie comics such as Go West, Franklin and Ghost, The Boxmasters: A Twisted Tale Through Time, Warcorns and more…. the one and only, Garrett Gunn. Tune in to find out about his  upcoming Kickstarter on Oct. 1st, Warcorns: Combat Unicorns for Hire – Back… Read More »