Here’s How Big Brother All-Stars’ Tyler Cripsen Thinks Angela Rummans Would Rate His Gameplay This Season

By | October 9, 2020

Unlike in Season 20, Tyler Crispen‘s charm did not carry him to the finals. The former favorite has been evicted from Big Brother All-Stars.

Crispen’s first time playing, he made final two alliances with many of his fellow houseguests, which made for a bitter jury. This time around, he tried not to make too many competing alliances — but his other houseguests did. Acknowledging how strong he was as a competitor, the remaining All Stars voted him out in a unanimous vote.

Crispen spoke to TV Guide about why he tried to leave the game early, why he kept battling for rookie David Alexander, and what he really thinks about the Committee alliance now.

Why do you think Enzo Palumbo didn’t vote with you and Christmas to get Nicole Franzel out during the triple eviction?
Tyler Crispen: I think he didn’t vote with me and Christmas to get Nicole out because, like he told me in his goodbye message, he has a final two with Cody and Memphis, so he wanted to do what they wanted. I definitely thought it was a good moment to pull off a good big move. If he’s tight with Cody, he’s got a final two with Cody, why he wouldn’t want to clip Cody’s other obvious final two is beyond me. But I hope Enzo can make some big moves in this last half of the game because he had his opportunity there and he didn’t pull the trigger. So, it is what it is, man.

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From the beginning, you tried to keep David in the house. Is there anything you wish you would have done differently to fight for him — or not?
Crispen: Oh, my gosh. Freakin’ David, man. I tried everything with that guy. He was voting me out left and right. He’s telling everybody everything I was doing, everything I was telling him. And I’m still like, “David, man, get it together. You’re working with me whether you like it or not, dude. Come home.” I tried my hardest during that triple to save him. And it just did not work. I had a point early on in the game [where I thought], “OK, I can’t tell him anything. But I’m really trying to keep him around. But I can’t even tell him that because he’ll probably go tell someone.” [Laughs.] He was a loose cannon for me. But I love the guy either way.

At the beginning of the season you volunteered to go on the block and wanted to head home. Why were you wanting to leave the house so much? And how do you think that changed your game?
Crispen: It was such a struggle for me this time to really get back in that state of mind to be playing Big Brother in the first place. I have always struggled with being admired from my first season for being a good manipulator or liar. I don’t think those are good traits as a person, and I just didn’t want to do that again. I wanted to play clean; I wanted to play straightforward. When I realized I was in a position that I was going to have to lie and manipulate and fight for myself, I didn’t want to do it. I wanted to get out of there. And on top of that, not being with Angela for the first time really, really set me off. I’m happy I got a second wind in the game. And I’m proud of myself for making it this far because of all that I went through, but this was a whirlwind, man. I don’t think I could ever do this again because that was tough.

In retrospect, what are your thoughts about the Committee alliance?
Crispen: In retrospect, I think the Committee was insanely dominant. They won — we won every single HOH besides Enzo’s HOH, and he was basically a member of the Committee, too. So… I don’t know. I didn’t want to be a part of the Committee at first. I wanted to work with literally everyone besides the people that were in the Committee, but it was a dominant alliance, and you can’t deny that — so I am happy I was a part of it.

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You made it clear in your exit speech you loved your first season because you met Angela, but what were the high points of this season?
Crispen: Oh man. I definitely love Big Brother 20. It will always have a special place in my heart. Even if I won this season, Big Brother 20 was always going to be my favorite one because I met her. But the highlights of this season: In retrospect, I’m just thinking, the fact that I got this far with how challenging it was for me to even get in the game is mind-blowing to me. I was not all there at the beginning, as you guys probably saw. I was not invested as much as I should have been. And I just wasn’t in game mode. So, I think my biggest takeaway here is that I can get through a challenge like that and still be successful, and still try and stand up for what I believe was right in my heart — even if that wasn’t the best game move. I still feel good about the way I played. Even though I got sixth place. I still feel good.

How do you think Angela would rate your game play this season?
Crispen: I think Angela will definitely think I did not play as good of a game as the first time, but she’s definitely going to be proud of me. But, she would be proud of me either way, so I’m very thankful for that. I was definitely reckless this season [laughs], so I know she’s going to give me a little something for that.

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