Here’s What the Emily in Paris Cast Really Thinks About That Emily-Gabriel-Camille Love Triangle

By | October 5, 2020

[This is your official warning for spoilers ahead! If you haven’t already binged your way through Netflix’s Emily in Paris, exit this post immediately and only return when you’ve devoured that final episode, because it’s a doozy.]

Who else feels personally victimized by Netflix not already ordering up a second season of Emily in Paris after that jaw-dropping season finale?

After season-long sexual tension between Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Emily (Lily Collins), which resulted in two kisses — to be fair, Emily didn’t know Gabriel was in a relationship with Camille (Camille Razat) for the first one — the season ended with the pair finally sleeping together under the belief that Gabriel was leaving Paris for good. However, Gabriel, who had just broken up with Camille, wound up staying in Paris at the last second which means all three face a potentially awkward situation if the show returns for Season 2.  

For Lucas Bravo, who admits Gabriel did not go about things the right way with Emily, there’s still something special between them which Gabriel is yearning to explore further. “I don’t think they did it the right way,” Bravo told TV Guide. “We live in a world now where we have so much access to information and people. It makes people want to have more and [Gabriel] embodies that state of mind… He wants to be happy and he’s been miserable for so long and he’s just going for it, he’s just curious about it.”

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Gabriel pursuing a relationship with Emily will definitely have its complications, especially if Camille catches wind of what’s been going on between them and decides to act out. “I think both of them should feel guilty,” Camille Razat added. “I think Camille’s going to try to understand why they [slept together] and I think it’s gonna be so awkward — but more for [Emily and Gabriel]. I think Camille’s gonna be a little playful with that and make them uncomfortable on purpose so they can feel a little bit of guilt.”

Although the show hasn’t yet been renewed — get on that, Netflix! — we’re still rooting for all three to sit down together and work this out civilly. However, something tells us that it’s going to get messy before it gets better. 

Season 1 of Emily in Paris is now streaming on Netflix. 

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