Access Points Are Cyberpunk’s Virtual Treasure Chests

By | December 10, 2020

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How to Find Access Points

Access Points can be things like laptops, consoles on a wall, and antenna in enemy areas. You can find them with your scanner and they’ll be marked by a small version of this icon:

And here’s an example of one on an antenna:

Aside from scanning and looking around an are for this one marker, you can use Quickhacks and even perks to find them faster.

The Ping Quickhack (which you can get for free from The Gift) works on any device connected to the Access Point and reveals the Access Point location through lines like this:

Not all areas with enemies have Access Points though, so if you have a hard time finding where the lines meet, it may be because there isn’t one Access Point in the area.

If you want to free up a Quickhack spot for something else, you can instead invest in the Breach Protocol Perk called Extended Network Interface. This automatically highlights nearby Access Points.


When you get to an access point, V may have the option to jack in. The option is determined by V’s Intelligence level. If you have the necessary level to plug in, you’ll see a Breach Protocol hacking minigame screen that looks something like this:

The goal is to enter one or more of the required sequences to “datamine” this access point for rewards.

If you have a bigger buffer size (which can be increased by upgrading V’s Operating System at a Ripperdoc) you can input more codes. Your goal should be to clear at least two sequences. Each of the three sequences and the code matrix are randomized. With a little luck, you may even get to complete all three, though two should always be your goal.

Let’s use the above Breach Protocol as an example. Looking at the code matrix, it’s not possible to get all three. To do so the code would need to be BD – 55 – 1C. Unfortunately since the Datamine_V1 begins with 55, a code in the others, hitting 1C will “fail” the first sequence but allows for a bigger payout with the third sequence. This happens sometimes, but it’s almost always worth solving for the Datamine_V3 over Datamine_V1.

Keep in mind that there can be multiple ways to input the sequences in a single breach. And, keep in mind that you’re timed!

Once you get the all clear on your code, you can back out and you’ll see your rewards pop up on the left side of the screen.

Rewards earned from access points can be increased through Perks like Advanced Datamine (Upgrades Datamine, increasing the amount of Eurodollars acquired from access points by 50%). Advanced Datamine can be upgraded again for a whopping 100% increase. With this, we’ve been able to get well over $1000 per Access Point if it drops the money reward. They usually do.

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