Alan Wake Remastered Is Ditching the Original’s Product Placement

By | September 14, 2021

With brand deals for the 2010 cult classic Alan Wake long since expired, the title’s upcoming remaster will not feature its predecessor’s iconic product placements when it launches on October 5.

According to an article by Screen Rant, Remedy is set to strip the game of its real-world products when it releases next month. With brand deals having since expired for the title, a PR representative for Alan Wake Remastered confirmed that the remaster will be replacing its partnership-sponsored advertisements with generic in-universe branding.

Aside from its otherworldly tone and cult classic status, the original release of Alan Wake also became known (less lovingly) for its high number of brand deals. Product placement in the psychological thriller managed to creep its way into everything from background environment models to the title’s core gameplay elements. When exploring the quaint mining town of Bright Falls, fans will likely remember the Verizon billboards that stood proudly along the game’s forest-lined streets, even after darkness fell.

The title didn’t stop there, however, as a number of core gameplay elements also brought with them exclusive brand tie-ins. From searching far and wide for Energizer branded batteries as a vital source of power for Alan’s torch to including vehicles manufactured by Ford and Lincoln, players were never far away from encountering a familiar corporate logo in the game.

The inclusion of real-world products in Alan Wake is one that divided its fanbase. While some players balk at the idea of real-world products being pushed on consumers during a time of escapism, others found it gave the title grounding and relatability. In a Reddit thread detailing Remedy’s decision to replace the old branded products with in-universe advertisements, one fan seemed particularly repulsed by the thought of using anything but Energizer batteries to power their torch:

To see more from the upcoming remaster, make sure to check out the title’s recent trailer, which debuted at this month’s PlayStation Showcase. It’ll be interesting to see – if there is an Alan Wake sequel on the way – whether that game gets the same generic branding, or if the real-world advertisements return.

Jared Moore is a freelance writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.