Animal Crossing: How to Build a Perfect Snowboy

By | December 22, 2020

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This portion of the ACNH guide explains how to build the perfect snowboy so you can get a Snowflake DIY and Large Snowflake every day.

How to Build the Perfect Snowboy (Snowman)

The easiest way to get new recipes is to build a perfect snowboy (Snowman) every day! Here’s how to do it.

  1. Look for 2 snowballs on the ground, they’ll always be somewhat near each other.
  2. Make sure not to move the snowballs into the sand or accidentally kick them into trees as this will destroy them. If they do get destroyed you can run in and out of a few buildings to try and force them to respawn.
  3. Kick them until they’re big enough to roll with your hands.
  4. Make them near the same size but the bottom one needs to be slightly bigger. The bottom one should be above your eye and the top one should be at your mouth (below the eye). Use the camera (in-game) to help guide you! Both are pictured below:
  5. Roll the smaller snowball into the larger, base.
  6. The snowboy will tell you if he’s perfect or a little off. If it’s perfect he’ll give you a DIY recipe and a Large Snowflake.
  7. You can talk to the Snowboy every day for 4 days. If he’s perfect, he’ll give you a Large Snowflake each day.