Cyberpunk 2077: Don’t Miss These Iconic Weapons

By | December 12, 2020

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Iconic weapons are special weapons you’ll find in special locations throughout Night City. Some can only be purchased from certain vendors, and some can only be acquired through certain side quests. Some are carried by specific characters, and the only way you’ll get their gun is if you, you know, remove them from the equation.

Below is a checklist of the Iconic weapons sorted by how you get the weapon.

Please note that Iconic weapons may be found at different levels depending on how far you have progressed, and because they can also be upgraded or crafted into better versions with two random effects, their base damage and dps may vary – but their special attribute will remain the same.
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Keep your eyes peeled for these weapons during the Main Job quests.


Rarity: Rare Type: Tech Pistol
Description: A weapon that’s easy to fall in love with, but difficult to trust
Mod Slods: 0 Attachments: 2
Weapon Attributes: Crit chance, damage type, and status-effect application are randomized after each reload.
Sell Price: $84 Main Job: The Pickup

How to get: Chaos is a rare Tech Pistol that is owned by the current leader of the Maelstrom gang, Roce. You’ll have to barter with him during The Pickup, but the only way to gain the weapon is over his cold dead hands, which means you need to either kill him during a window of opportunity during the trade, or hunt him down at the end of the mission.



Rarity: Rare Type: Power Pistol
Description: The iron packed by Yorinobu Arasaka during his troubled youth. As beautiful as it is deadly.
Mod Slods: 1 Attachments: 2
Weapon Attributes: Can utilize ricochet technology even if cyberware is not installed.

Reduced recoil and increased rate of fire.

Small magazine

Sell Price: $100 Main Job: The Heist

How to get: Kongou is a Rare Power Pistol you can find during The Heist. It’s on Yorinobu’s bedside table. Be sure to grab it!

Keep your eyes peeled for these weapons during the Side job missions.

Dying Night

Rarity: Uncommon Type: Power Pistol
Description: This thing looks like it was cobbled together by some gonk-brained DIYer, but it shoots like a dream
Mod Slods: 0 Attachments: 2
Weapon Attributes: Increases headshot damage by 50% and signifigantly reduces reload time
Sell Price: $25 Side Job: The Gift

How to get: One of the first weapons you can get, and at no extra charge. Once you leave your apartment for the first time, head down the stairs and across the apartment complex to find a weapon shop called 2nd Amendment, and talk to the owner to see this weapon listed for free.

Certain iconic weapons are located outside of main or side quests, and are instead found as loot from high value targets.


Rarity: Rare Type: Power Submachine Gun
Description: An absolute beast with a nasty bite. Don’t get too close.
Mod Slods: 0 Attachments: 2
Weapon Attributes: A unique mod allows you to fire high-penetration rounds
Sell Price: $93 Location: Watson, Northside (Organized Crime Activity)

How to get: Though it can’t be physically obtained to begin with, you can find the schematics to craft Buzzsaw by taking down a wanted target on the far left side of Northside in the Watson district. Look for an Organized Crime Activity area south of the giant hotel, and take out the named boss leader and loot her to get the plans.