Deathloop’s Stuttering Problem Addressed In New Update

By | September 21, 2021

Deathloop received a hotfix for PC on Tuesday to combat a widespread stuttering issue.

The patch notes for the new update address potential stutter when moving the camera in-game with a mouse. The patch notes also mention that the developers are aware of stuttering at high framerates and are working to fix the problem.

“This hotfix addresses an issue experienced by some players on PC whereby mouse-based camera movement could result in the appearance of ‘stutter,'” the patch notes read. “Additionally, we are looking into a separate, but related issue that we have identified as a factor that may also be a cause of stuttering at high framerates. We will update further on this as soon as we have more information.”


The stuttering issue on PC has been prevalent since the game’s launch on September 14. Many people blamed the Denuvo anti-piracy software in the game, although testers have noted that it may be a different issue involving the framerate, which the new patch notes agree with.

While Deathloop itself has received positive feedback from the gaming community and critics, including a glowing 10/10 review from IGN, the game has received some criticism. Gamers with disabilities have called to attention Deathloop’s disappointing button customization and menu navigation.

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