Dysterra is a Futuristic Sci-Fi FPS that Challenges Players to Survive Extinction by Any Means Necessary

By | December 2, 2022

Dysterra is a brand-new, sci-fi survival game with futuristic FPS gameplay that challenges players to either compete or cooperate on a dying Earth as they strive to secure a one-way ticket to the stars — and survival.

Dysterra is now in Early Access on PC via Steam, and we’re going to break down the five biggest reasons why this is one battle you won’t want to miss!

Earth is on the brink of being destroyed by Terrafire explosions, and your only hope of avoiding extinction is to board escape rockets. So, what’s the problem? Well, there’s only a limited amount of space and time is tick, tick, ticking away. To retain any hope of making it off Earth before it’s too late, you’ll need to adapt quickly and take down any challenge that gets in your way.

While you prepare for your journey, it’s essential to build a base of operations that will protect you from attacks on a harsh near-future Earth that you once called home. You can fortify your base with impenetrable defenses; made up of turrets, electric fences, and even powerful A.I. mechs that will crush anyone who tries to enter.

Your base can become a safe haven for you and your team and can literally make the difference between life and death in Dysterra. Raiding an enemy base can be a surefire way of securing resources and weapons galore that can give you the edge you need to win.

Speaking of enemies, there’s an entire world of baddies out there looking to halt your escape. You can choose to face these dangers alone or with friends. Teaming up gives you more of a chance to gather resources, take on threats, and gather the most powerful gear to share with the team, but you might not be here to play nice. Take loot on your own, vanquish your foes, and get off Earth alone like the rogue hero you’ve known you always were.

While PvP is a huge part of Dysterra, there are also PvE and single-player modes for those looking for something a bit different. Dysterra is all about choice, and the challenge of survival will be present no matter how you choose to play.

The goal of Dysterra is to escape the dying Earth by any means necessary. The planet is completely doomed. The only glimmer of survival exists in the seats of those escape rockets.

These ships are ready to take a lucky few off-planet for a chance to forge a new life in the stars, but spaces are very limited. The only way to secure a ticket is by purchasing one with the valuable resource Terrasite, which you can collect out in the world. However, just buying a ticket isn’t enough.

Other players can steal the ticket from you and your teammates, so building up a base and finding Dysterra’s most powerful weapons are essential to making it out alive. This mission provides endless opportunities and choices of play — will you focus on collecting Terrasite and defending your base until the rockets leave? Or will you become a maelstrom of power and pry a ticket from the cold, dead hands of your defeated foes?

Either way, you’re going to need firepower. Every player in Dysterra starts with a pistol and a rifle to protect them from the start, but they will only be helpful for so long and soon you will need to look for better weapons. From snipers that take out threats from afar to rocket launchers that decimate any base and those who call it home and assault rifles that let you take the fight right to your enemies, there are endless options and play-styles for all types of players!

There are also incredibly powerful weapons and armor just waiting for those worthy enough to claim them, but obtaining these riches will be anything but easy.

You’ll need to be tougher than tough to survive in the world of Dysterra, but the rewards for those who overcome its challenges are something to behold. One of the tougher obstacles are abandoned labs filled with deadly, deranged AI robots and creatures that were once bred to kill; nightmarish monsters that embody the evil and greed that set earth on a course for calamity.

Make it past these man-made weapons of mass destruction and you will be rewarded with game-changing control chips. With the tables turned, these will give you god-like powers. You’ll be equipped to wreak havoc on your already doomed world; with earthquakes and chemical strikes being just a couple of the options available to you.

Bosses also stalk the world, praying on unprepared players and carrying some of the biggest rewards in all of Dysterra. Defeating them is a herculean task and not without risk, but their loot can change your entire journey and book you a first-class place off this raggedy rock before it implodes into oblivion.

We told you the world was out to get you. Will you survive or will this dying Earth claim you?

Dysterra is now in Early Access on Steam, and players can now loot, craft, build, and team up to face the ever-growing challenges crafted by the team at Reality MagiQ.