Every Flashback Tape Location in Crash Bandicoot 4

By | October 19, 2020

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Flashback Tapes are only found in the normal Crash/Coco-only levels of the game; they won’t be in the Timeline Levels. You must not die before touching a Flashback tape; if you do, they’ll be intangible and you won’t be able to collect them. Luckily, you do get to keep them if you die after collecting them.

While Flashback Tapes do appear in the N.Verted versions of normal levels, this is only because that’s the normal level with a filter on it.

Reach the end of the level with a Flashback Tape, and you’ll unlock one of the Flashback Levels! These are unlocked sequentially based on how many Tapes you have, rather than unlocking a specific one with a specific Tape.

Crash Compactor Flashback Tape Location

Indisputably the easiest Flashback Tape to find, Crash Compactor‘s tape is located right at the start of the level, and is even pointed out by its introduction camera!

Hit the Road Flashback Tape Location


Hit the Road‘s Flashback Tape is found on the right of the metal trench, just before Checkpoint 3 and the Bonus Round platform.

Booty Calls Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape for this level is found in the cave section after Checkpoint 2. From it, make your way inside, go around the corner and past the Skulldugging Seahorses, and you’ll see it on the left, just before the grind rail rope that takes you out of the cave.

Jetboard Jetty Flashback Tape Location

Jetboard Jett’s Flashback tape is found at the end of the first Jetboard section, on the right of the pier where the Jetboard docks.

Give It a Spin Flashback Tape Location

Found fairly early on, the Flashback tape for this level is found on the wooden walkway, just after the Hidden Gem and just before the first lilypad section.

Draggin’ On Flashback Tape Location

This level’s Flashback Tape is found on the ramp behind the first three Stone Guardian lions you have to face.

Off-Balance Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Off-Balance is located shortly after picking up ‘Akano for the first time. You’ll glide right to a ledge, then forward to a rickety platform guarded by a flamethrower, then glide right to a sturdier platform that is also guarded by a flamethrower. The tape will be here!

Off Beat Flashback Tape Location

Off Beat‘s Flashback Tape can be found quite early on. After you reach Checkpoint 2 at the end of the first side-scrolling section, you’ll spot an Arrow Box behind a dumpster, with the Tape next to it.

Run it Bayou Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback tape in Run it Bayou can be found in the section towards the end where you ride atop the Dingo’s Diner food boat. In the second-to-last obstacle will be two TNT Boxes on top of each other: you’ll need to bounce high off the top one in order to reach the tape above them.

Snow Way Out Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Snow Way Out is located shortly after Checkpoint 4, just across the first ice platforms in the level floating in the water.

Stay Frosty Flashback Tape Location

Stay Frosty’s Flashback Tape can be found in the final side-scrolling section of the level. After you use Kupuna-Wa to cross over some ice platforms in the river while slipping past some falling icicles, the Tape will be on the other side at the bottom of the steps.

Bears Repeating Flashback Tape Location

This Flashback Tape is found in the Cortex chase Polar ride that ends the level. It’ll be off the big jump at the end of the ice tunnel where you have to dodge some skiing scientists, a bit to the right.

Eggipus Dimension Flashback Tape Locations

Blast to the Past Flashback Tape Location

Blast to the Past’s Flashback tape is found in the side-scrolling lava section just after the first vine grind. You’ll find it after Sliding under a rock formation and up a ledge.

Dino Dash Flashback Tape Location

Dino Dash‘s Flashback Tape can be found shortly after the sixth Checkpoint. It’ll be just after the Aku Aku Crate and past the burning tree you slide under.

Bermugula’s Orbit Flashback Tape Locations

Out for Launch Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Out for Launch can be found after the second grind rail section of the level, guarded by a Gasmoxian Scorcher.

Stowing Away Flashback Tape Location

Stowing Away’s Flashback Tape is found after entering the cockpit of the spaceship and taking the elevator down. Ahead is a long red gap that you’ll need to Dark Glide across with ‘Akano; the Tape will be in the middle of this gap on the ceiling.

Crash Landed Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Crash Landed can be located at the end of the second tunnel you use Ika-Ika in, which is also where the start of the last side-scrolling section that leads to the last Shnurgle Baby-riding portion.

The Sn@xx Dimension Flashback Tape Locations

Food Run Flashback Tape Location

Food Run’s Flashback Tape is in a very difficult spot: it’s above a series of boxes in the middle of the second food truck wall running section that you have to do upside-down. Yeah. The best way to approach this is to wait on the under-side of an upper vehicle, then drop down as you pass over the Tape.

Cortex Island Flashback Tape Locations

Nitro Processing Flashback Tape Location

The Flashback Tape in Nitro Processing is close to the end of the level. You can find it in the Kupuna-Wa section, where you’ll go up a watery slope guarded by the green RadBlobs.

Toxic Tunnels Flashback Tape Location

Toxic Tunnel’s Flashback Tape is also near the end of the level. While you’re outside and crossing over the lava, you’ll go along a walkway with TNT Boxes guarded by some shock diodes, On the left will be a Bounce Box hovering in the air, with the Flashback Tape above it.

Cortex Castle Flashback Tape Location

The final Flashback Tape in the game is found at the very end of Cortex Castle, in the second-to-last obstacle of the crazy laser gauntlet. It’ll be at the final use of Kupuna-Wa so you can safely Slide through some Nitro Boxes. If you make it this far without dying, it’s practically impossible to not collect.