Final Fantasy 14 Shoe Line Coming From Puma

By | March 6, 2023

Puma announced that it will be releasing a new shoe collection inspired by Final Fantasy XIV, set to launch on March 15.

The Japanese website Sneakerwars shows four different models of Puma shoes in the collection. Two of them are Puma Slipstream models and two of them are RS-X models. Each model has both Light and Dark versions. The Light version includes bright colors like white green and blue while the Dark versions have black and blue.

The shoe’s tongue, heels, and insoles have a painted “Fat Cat” design, which is Final Fantasy XIV’s mascot minion. The shoelaces also have a crystal charm attached to them as well. All models will cost 17,050 yen, which is approximately $125 USD. So far, the collection is only available in Japan with no mention of an international release.

Gaming and fashion have crossed worlds frequently, with other clothing companies like Uniqlo having its own collaboration with the Final Fantasy series. Other shoe collaborations include Nintendo partnering up with Converse for a Pokemon collaboration, and Puma as well with the Animal Crossing franchise.

Currently, Square Enix is working on Final Fantasy XVI, which is set to release on June 22 for PlayStation 5. However, the PC version is not expected to arrive this year.

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