First Look: Concept Art for Monster Hunter Rise’s Somnacanth and Aknosom Weapons and Armor

By | February 4, 2021

In addition to today’s IGN FIRST feature, where Monster Hunter Rise Director Yasunori Ichinose explains how the Nintendo Switch entry will make the series even more approachable to new players, we have one more surprise for you! We are proud to exclusively reveal some of the concept art for Rise’s Somnacanth and Aknosom weapons and armor. Check them out in the gallery below!

Monster Hunter Rise Concept Art: Somnacanth and Aknosom Armor, Weapons

There is an obvious Japan-inspired setting for home base Kamura Village and the mission maps, while many of the new monsters are inspired by Yokai, or ghosts and spirits from Japanese folklore. However, Ichinose tells us that the game’s equipment design has also been inspired by a wide range of cultures outside of Japan too.

Take for example the Aknosom armor and helmet, whose designs were obviously derived from Western knights. However, Ichinose tells us that the people of Kamura Village have implemented their own culture into this armor as well. Take a close look, and you might notice that the material of the armor is textured like folded origami paper, blending Western design with Japanese traditional textiles.

The Somnacanth armor was inspired by Middle-Eastern fortune-tellers and assassins. The hood creates a mysterious atmosphere, and Ichinose explains that the glowing blue parts are a key feature of the Somnacanth’s design.

Ichinose also tells us that while weapons returning from World will follow the designs from that game, all of the ones based on new monster materials have been designed individually so that they stand apart more than before.

For more on Monster Hunter Rise, be sure to check out our Somnacanth Quest gameplay video, in which you can see armor and weapons based on these designs in action! Stay tuned for more exclusive Monster Hunter Rise exclusive content on IGN FIRST throughout February.