Former PlayStation Boss, Shawn Layden, Reveals He Left the Company to Avoid Burnout

By | September 4, 2021

Former PlayStation boss, Shawn Layden, has finally revealed why he left the company, almost two years after his departure.

PlayStation abruptly announced on September 30, 2019, that Layden had left the company after 32 years with Sony. The company didn’t reveal why Layden had departed — PlayStation simply said he was leaving and that he’ll be greatly missed — and Layden himself has remained quiet on the subject.

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Layden explained that in the years leading up to his departure, he had helped the company release some of the highest-rated games of the entire PS4 generation — he noted Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War to Bloomberg. He said that leaving PlayStation when he did, which happened to be the year before the start of the PlayStation 5 generation, came down to good timing.

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