Front Mission 1st: Remake Limited Edition Is Up for Preorder

By | February 23, 2023

Front Mission 1st: Remake hit Nintendo Switch in digital format last year. But this year it’s getting a limited-edition physical version that come with the game plus a few extra items for collectors. The physical version is out May 30, but you can preorder it now for $39.99 (see it on Amazon).

Preorder Front Mission 1st: Remake Limited Edition

Pick up the limited edition of Front Mission 1st: Remake, and you’ll receive the game, plus the following extras:

  • Exclusive lenticular
  • 2 lithographs
  • Printed game manual

That’s a pretty great deal, considering it only costs $5 more than the MSRP on the digital version. So far, this edition is only available on Amazon. If listings go up at other retailers, we’ll add them here.

Front Mission 1st: Remake

What is Front Mission 1st: Remake?

Front Mission is a tactical RPG that originally came out in 1995 in Japan for the Super Famicom. The first version to make its way to the West was a port that hit the Nintendo DS in 2007. This new version for Nintendo Switch is the first big remake of the game, with much nicer graphics designed for big, pixel-dense screens and a modern control scheme for added quality-of-life.

Front Mission takes place in the year 2090. Two warring nations, the Oceania Cooperative Union and the Unified Continental States, share an island border that’s ground zero for the conflict. That’s where you come in. You play as a discharged officer on a mission to find out what happened to his missing fiancé, who’s also in the military. As you do, you lead teams of giant war mechs called Wanzers, laying destruction to your enemies if you plan your battles carefully.

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