Genshin Impact: How to Use Cross Save

By | October 6, 2020

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Genshin Impact is available on a variety of platforms, and so cross save was always going to be a highly requested feature. It is present in the game, but that comes with caveats. Here, we’ll run through what those caveats are, the likelihood of them being removed, and how to utilize cross save despite those issues.

If you’re new to Genshin Impact in general, it’s a part gacha game, part Breath Of The Wild style JRPG which sees you collecting different character and weapons as you complete your quest. It’s currently available on PC, mobile, and PS4, but only two of those three are compatible with cross save.

Which Platforms Have Cross Save In Genshin Impact?

Cross save is only available on PC and mobile right now, not PS4. We explain why further down, but focusing on the good stuff for now, the current level of cross save means you can play it out and about on a mobile device, then get home and start playing it on PC with barely an interruption. We recommend stopping to eat or get some hydration, but other than that, zero interruption.

How To Use Cross Save In Genshin Impact

Cross save is linked to your email address, so it’s a very straight forward process. As long as you use the same email for your mobile version as you do the PC version, you’ll be able to pick right up where you left off. Unfortunately, the PS4 version works differently, so can’t currently be synced with either PC or mobile.

Why Doesn’t PS4 Have Cross Save In Genshin Impact?

As explained above, the cross save feature is linked to your email address, which is why PC and mobile cross save is fairly seamless. For PS4 however, your account is not linked to your email but to your PSN account, which is not on PC or mobile, meaning no cross save for you. It’s the same reason PS4 players can’t take advantage of rerolls in Genshin Impact.

Can PS4 Players Use Cross Play?

Thankfully, cross play with friends is linked to your UID, which is the string of numbers in the bottom corner of the screen. This feature is present on PlayStation, PC, and mobile, so whatever device your friends are playing on, you’ll be able to jump into co-op with them. For more details on how to use co-op in Genshin Impact, check out our guide on that.