Got A New PS5? See How to Transfer Your PS4 Saves Over

By | December 25, 2020

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In order to pick up where you’ve left off on games, you’ll need to transfer your save files over, which can be done in several different ways.

Depending on your situation, and if you have a great number of games, apps, and other features you wish to quickly move over from your PS4, this may be the most straightforward option – but will involve a lot of moving parts. This method will only transfer data from one user, and does not apply to any data stored in extended storage. For this method you’ll need:

  • Powered PS4 with an internet connection (Wired recommended)
  • Powered PS5 with an internet connection (Wired recommended)
  • TV or monitor to view progress (2 is ideal, otherwise you may have to swap out HDMI cables to see progress on your PS4)

To begin, please make sure your PS4 has the latest software update possible.

On your PS5, after you complete your initial setup, the option for a full Data Transfer may appear. If you declined it at the time, you can find it again by going to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer.

At this point, you’ll be asked to have both consoles turned on and be connected to the internet. If you only have wifi available in your current setup, it is highly recommended you at least connect a LAN cable between the two consoles for faster transfer speeds.


Once both consoles are signed in on the same account, continue with the transfer process until you are told to press the power button down on the PS4 for one second until you hear a beep. This will restart the PS4, and upon reset, you will see it begin to prepare for the data transfer. Be sure not touch either console during this period, or any LAN cables that may be attached.

When preparations are complete, you’ll be taken a screen where you can select any full games or apps that have been saved on the PS4. Given the high file size of certain games, this can save time as opposed to re-downloading them via the internet on your new PS5, but will still take some amount of time regardless. Make sure to note the full file sizes of what you’re selecting, and the storage amount of your PS5.

After selecting all the games and other files you wish to transfer, select next until you reach the Ready to Transfer screen. This should indicate how long your transfer will last depending on your setup. If the duration is expected to be faster or slower than you thought, you can always hit cancel to add or remote selected files first before starting the transfer.

During this process your PS4 may turn off at certain points – this is normal to experience a restart period, and may take a few minutes to cycle through.

After the PS4 restarts, and the transfer is complete, the PS5 will restart as well. Please note however that the PS5 may need additional time to unpack and install game files, so while you can use your PS5 normally after this process, your PS4 may still say its transferring until you get the notification that your PS5’s transfer is fully complete, game files become viewable in your storage options, and the PS5 will restart one final time.

How to Transfer PS4 Save Files via the Cloud

Please note: This option is only available to users who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus system. Without it, users cannot access the Cloud to store files, or transfer them between systems.

Since PlayStation Plus users have access to the Cloud Storage, there is a chance your save files were uploaded at an earlier date – just remember that this process must be manually activated, so there’s a chance you may have forgotten to upload your save data. You can check which game files have save data in the cloud by going to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage, and then selecting the Download to System Storage option to view which files are being stored. If you already see the files you need, you can skip the next few steps and boot up your PlayStation 5. If not, follow the steps below:

First, you can check that your PS4 system has the save data you wish to transfer to the PS5 by going to Settings > Storage > System Storage > Save Data.

Once you are certain the save data you wish to transfer is available, go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage, and then choose Upload to Online Storage.

Select the game you wish to upload save data from, and then individually select the save files (or select them all) before hitting the Upload button. Do this for as many PS4 games as you plan to play on your PS5.

Please note that just having your save data in the Cloud Storage will not automatically apply it to games you play on the PS5. You will have to manually download the save files to your storage for them to work.

Now that the files are on the Cloud Storage, access your PS5 and go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Save Data (PS4), and select Cloud Storage.

You will have the option to see how much storage has been taken up, and Download to Console Storage. Choose the game or games that you wish to access save files from, and download each of them to your Console Storage. After this, you can double check the files are there by going to Settings > Storage, and choosing Saved Data in the Console Storage section and selecting PS4 Games.

Once this is confirmed, simply launch your PS4 game and it should show your save files when you attempt to load them up.

How to Transfer PS4 Save Files via USB Storage Device

If you do not have access to your Cloud Storage due to lack of internet or because you do not have a PS Plus subscription, there is an alternative to getting your save files to appear on the PS5.

For this, you must have an external storage device – either a hard drive or a memory stick that can be connected via USB. Make sure your device has spare memory, and insert it into your PS4.

From here, select Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage, and select Copy to USB Storage Device. Select each game you plan to play on your PS5 and choose all the save files you want to bring over.

Make sure your PS4 has been updated to the most current version before doing this, and then remove the USB storage after the files have been copied.

Now, insert the USB device into your PS5. Note that the files will not automatically be detected, you will need to manually copy them from the USB storage to the PS5’s local storage. Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS4), and select the USB Drive option, and then Copy to Console Storage.

Once this is confirmed, simply launch your PS4 game and it should show your save files when you attempt to load them up.