Grab Deathloop At Its Lowest Price Yet

By | December 21, 2021

One of the best sales from the weekend is still going on now. You can pick up a copy of Deathloop on PlayStation 5 right now for just $22.99. If you missed out on one of the highest-rated games of the year, it’s not too late to snag a copy for yourself at an absolutely excellent price.

Unfortunately, your copy won’t arrive until after Christmas, but you should absolutely still pick one up now that it’s going for its lowest price yet. That’s $37 off $59.99, and even cheaper than Deathloop’s previous Black Friday price. Now’s the time to go ahead and get your copy.




62% off $59.99

Deathloop is more than just a shooter. It’s rife with interesting twists interspersed with an exciting narrative. You take control of assassin Colt, who (you may have already surmised) is caught in a time loop. You’ve got to eliminate eight targets known as the Visionaries, who think they’ve got the secret of immortality figured out.

They simply live the same, day-long party over and over. Take them all out, however, and the loop will end. It may sound like an easy enough task, but the mysterious Julianna Blake isn’t going to let Colt off just like that. She’ll be waiting around every corner, when you least expect it, to keep Colt from fulfilling his mission. But why? Who is she? And why does she want to stop Colt?

There’s a lot to unpack in Deathloop, but if you’re into shooters with RPG and inventive progression systems, you’ll find a lot to like there. We gave it a 10 in our review, if that helps to sway your decision one way or another. Slip an “IOU” in a giftee’s stocking and let them know Deathloop is on the way. It’s well worth waiting for, even long after Santa has made his rounds.