Hitman 3: How to Complete the Dubai Chameleon Challenge

By | February 8, 2021

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Description: Find and equip all disguises at the Burj Al-Ghazali.

How to Complete the Chameleon Challenge in Dubai

There are 11 different disguises you can equip in Dubai. Luckily, you do not need to find and wear them in a single run: you can take as many runs as you like and even restart, and they’ll still count.

Here’s the list of all 11 disguises in Dubai, and well as tips on how to get them. All of these are listed sequentially so that you can get them all in a single run!

Otherwise known as Zana Kazem, who you’ll find near the Gardens on Level 1 arguing with a Personal Assistant. Follow him into the Gardens, then use a Sound System panel to draw him over and Subdue him from the bushes.

Acquired in the Staff Area hallway on Level 0 during the How the Mighty Fall Mission Story. From the security panel door, grab the Hammer in the alcove before using the Vacuum Cleaner to distract the female Maintenance Worker, then head around the corner and Subdue the Event Staff on the phone.


Found in the Kitchen on Level 0 near the Staff Area hallway. There’s two of them here and one of them is female (meaning 47 cannot wear her clothes), so you’ll need to throw a Coin across the room to get the male Kitchen Staff out of her sight and grab his disguise. To hide the body, drag him into the nearby locker room via the open door and put him into the container to the right of the doorway.

Event Security are the men in white uniforms. On Level 0, go to the room with the windows you can open with your Camera. Open a window and the woman will leave, but the Event Security will take longer to do so, giving you a window to Subdue him.

Head to Level 4 using the route from the How The Mighty Fall Mission Story (the one where you exit out the window and climb up the side of the building), then enter the room East of the Server Room. There’s a Maintenance Staff in the room searching a shelf who is easily Subdued.

Very close to the room described above is a Penthouse Guard idling about in the hallway. Subdue him, either with a thrown object or while he’s looking at the water cooler. Stow his body in the Locker where the Maintenance Staff described above was.

From the Penthouse Guard above, vault over the rail onto a dark walkway, then vault over the tall blue tarp on the left. Here will be two Art Crew. Once they finish talking, one will walk away while the other will man the control station. Subdue the one who walks away and stow him in the red box nearby.

From the Penthouse Guard described above, head North through the hallway and through the glass doors outside to the Helipad. The Pilot will be here cleaning his aircraft, ready to be Subdued.

As a Penthouse Guard, head up to the Penthouse and get to the Storage Room. There may be either one or two Penthouse Staff in here, so you may need quick use of blunt objects to Subdue them.

In the Storage Room described above, turn on the Ice Machine to draw in the Famous Chef from the Kitchen area of the Dining Room, then hide behind the boxes. Subdue the Chef once he’s turned the Ice Machine off.

One of the hardest to get, as the Bodyguards will follow Carl Ingram’s routine in the Penthouse. This routine will take Carl to the Study on Level 4. Here one of his bodyguards will stand in the hallway looping around it, which is the best time to Subdue him and stuff him in the wicker box nearby.

BE WARNED HOWEVER. There can be two Penthouse Guards nearby who discuss the Lockdown drill, and they won’t leave until their conversation is over. It’s best to walk past them at an earlier point (such as between the Helicopter Pilot and the Penthouse Staff disguises) so that they aren’t there by the time the bodyguard is in place.

It’s also very possible for Carl to not be in the Study yet. If that’s the case, you may have to sit through his lengthy Penthouse routine before he returns to the Study.