How to Catch Fish in Valheim

By | February 18, 2021

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This page is part of IGN’s Valheim Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about catching fish.

How to Catch Fish in Valheim

Having purchased a fishing pole and some bait from Haldor the Merchant, you’re probably wonder how exactly you can start fishing your own food?

In order to start fishing in Valheim, make your way to a river or the ocean and look for an area that’s populated by some fish. Fish are usually pretty easy to spot as they school beneath the water.

Once you’ve found a place to cast your line, press and hold the left mouse button in order to charge up your cast – the longer you hold, the longer your cast will be. Having cast out your line, keep a close eye on the area surrounding the bobber. Should bubbles appear around your bobber, this will indicate that fish are currently interested in your line.Once the bobber dips beneath the water, quickly press and hold the right mouse button to not only hook the fish but to also begin the process of reeling it in. You will receive a message in game saying “hooked” if you were successful in hooking a fish.As soon as you have reeled in the fish close enough, you will have the option to pick it up. Don’t wait to long though, as there’s still a chance you can lose the catch as reeling in a fish will use up your stamina and if your stamina is to run out, the fish will escape.