Monster Train: A Complete Guide to the Best Card Combinations

By | February 10, 2021
Best Card Combinations Card 1 Combination Description Deranged Brute Hornbreaker Prince Any Hornbreaker Prince will pair will with Rage building spells and Relics. paired with Deranged Brute can power up Rage even more. Imp-pressive Magic Power Upgrade Because Imp-pressive is Attuned, boosting Magic Power will increase it’s power drastically. Imp-pressive Endless/Holdover Giving Imp-pressive the Holdover ability allows it to be used every turn. Paired with an Endless Imp, you can use this very strong spell once every turn. Alpha Fiend Multistrike Alpha Fiend’s Strike ability increases it’s power per attack. Multistrike increases the the number of attacks it can do per turn, thus, increases it’s power. Sting Channelheart/Thorn Casing Sting cards can be plentiful in an Awoken deck, so powering them up with specific artifacts can make them quite potent. Titan Sentry Health/Frostbite Upgrades This Stygian tank can be very effective at dealing massive damage back to enemy units if it has enough health to activate it’s Revenge: Frostbite trigger multiple times. Crucible Collector Morselmaster/maker, Shroud Spike, Feast, etc. The principles for this Unit apply to every Gorge capable Unit, however, the Crucible Collector will most reliably see you through with it’s Lifesteal. If you pair high Morsel consumption with a Crucible Collector that has received upgrades to both Health and Attack, you will have a strong floor no matter what. Overgorger Morselmaster/maker, Shroud Spike, Feast, etc.


While the Overgorger has a similar strategy to the Crucible Collector, it deserves a specific mention due to it’s potency. You can increase it’s Attack throughout a run to multiple hundreds per strike, through Gorge abilites alone. Bounty Stalker Burnout/Endless Following the principles of combining Extinguish and Burnout together, Bounty Stalker can become incredibly strong when paired with Burnout, as it can automatically trigger their Extinguish ability. Similarly, Endless allows the unit to be brought back over and over, increasing it’s damage every time. Legion of Wax Upgraded Health/Attack


If Legion of Wax has increased Health and Attack across the board, then as it dies and splits into multiple other units, they will all each be stronger than before. A strong Legion of Wax can be a serious problem for bosses. Dante the Deceptive Blight Cards

High Covenant Ranks

Upgraded Health/Attack

Dante gains more power for every Blight card in your deck. This can let you pick more of them from Cavern Events, or take advantage of the Blight cards in higher difficulty runs to increase his potency.